First outing today

I downloaded the files last year, went out once and that was it. Over the winter months I had no work and loads of time on my hand but never got out but for the last month I have been flat out and after a chat with someone that has just come to the end of the 9 weeks it has given me a boost so when I got home from work I went out and I covered 2.1 miles in the 30 min. I am 18 st but feel quite good as I was 19.5 st at christmas so looking forward to the next few weeks

4 Replies

  • The hardest part is making that choice to make a start - good on you. Good luck with the program and keep enjoying it. Trust Laura as she knows what she's on about :)

  • You've taken that first step and got out there. Well done for that, good luck with the programme and very best wishes.

  • Thank you Mum2run and Fitmo. I went out again today for 36 min due to the way I went so had a longer walk at the end. Felt good but not sure if I will be ready to move to week 2 after 3 runs so may do it 1 or 2 extra times.

  • OK so it was a bit over a week but I have done it 4 times so moving on to week 2 :)

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