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Week 6 Run 2 - done!

I did the second run of week six this afternoon. I took it fairly easy, as usual, but during the last 5 minutes of the second run I found myself lengthening the stride again and doing something that felt more like running, rather than jogging. This seems to be happening bit by bit and it's a great feeling, all the more so because it's happening naturally rather than me trying to force it.

I got my Race Pack for the R4L this morning. It makes it more real somehow and I think this may have something to do with my current progress on the C25K. It's all getting very exciting but, of course, I now need to keep a clear head and not get too excited to the point where I start overdoing things. Slow and steady will get me there I reckon. Good luck to all on their runs this week. Best wishes.

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Well done, Fitmo. It's so great you are signing up for races. I am moving so once I have I may do a parkrun to keep the motivation going.


well done!


Thank you all for your support. Best wishes.


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