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Week 2 Run 3 Done!

Just done Week 2 Run 3! I found it much, much easier than Run 2! I seem to find the first one OK (if a bit of a struggle) and the second run really difficult and the third one the easiest. Not sure if this is just me though!

Also, in my normal everyday life I'm starting to feel like I can walk more easily! I guess that if you can run walking is easy!

On to Week 3...

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Sounds like you are doing brilliantly. Keep up the good work😊..

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I have just finished week 2 as well, totally understand what you mean, run 2 always seems so difficult! Good luck with week 3, don't know how I will cope with 3 minutes of running! Have fun!

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Oh don't worry you will do it.

Trust the program. Nice and steady does the trick😊

Onwards and upwards...

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Good luck too! I'm also worried about 3 minutes. Eek!

Interesting that you've found the run 2s difficult too!


I find the 2nd run much harder than the 1st and last one don't no y. I've just finished week 3 today but today's run wasn't as tough as the other day 🙈


I always find the 2nd run of any week the hardest, not sure why. Maybe it's a mental thing and because I've already done it once I go into it thinking well I've done it once and know I can do it. Maybe I set off too quickly because of this?

Then the 3rd ones always better

To those of you moving on to the next week in the program, don't panic you can do it, it will be fine. Just remember the mantra slow and steady and then slower still

Good Luck 👍


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