Week 5 - apprehensive!

Hi this is my first post on this forum. I'm in week 5 at the moment and I'm covering good ground, my best pace and distance is almost 7km (although there is huge variation, for example today I did just 5.43km). I just completed week 5 day 2 and I'm apprehensive about my 20 min run in two days. I found today really tough, with pains down the backs of my legs while running (not while walking), although I think this might be down to my sodium/potassium etc levels today. Also the air pollution in London is really high today with asthmatics etc being advised to stay indoors.

How did people cope with week 5? And did any other south east runners really feel the effects of the smog today? Also it's great to be here; I am a solitary and novice runner, running my first 10k for charity in July :-)


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  • sounds as if you are running very fast. you might want to slow down initially for the longer runs, especially as you found today tough - at least until you know you can run that length of time. Its more important to do the time that to cover the distance at this stage.

    good luck with your charity run in july

  • Thanks helcl, I will near that in mind for my 20min run, maybe I should aim for it to be a really gentle jog..

  • Hi I just completed run3 this morning at 6am in the south east - noticed the air quality no so good. I am also a complete novice - never run before and I am on my own. I'm hoping to do a charity 10k this summer - good luck with yours - you have plenty of time to get up to 10k and I'm sure you will get lots of support along the way. Lets hope the air pollution is better in 2 days!

  • The 20 minute run is not as bad as it seems. Air pollution could prove problematic though if it doesn't clear soon. I am just on the edge of it so had no problems yesterday when I did my W6R2 but the pollution seems worse today so I'm pleased it;s a rest day for me. Keep to a very gentle and light jog for the 20 minute run as you may be overdoing it at the moment regarding pace. If the pollution is really bad then maybe worth putting off the run until it clears - I shall be checking the news for my 25 minute run tomorrow and will delay it if the pollution is causing problems. Good luck with W5R3 and best wishes.

  • Cripes Davina 5.43km is quite fast for week 5 but 7km in 30 minutes is absolutely astonishing if you are really only running 20 minutes of it. That is sub 4:20 average pace for the full 7k. You must be super-fit!

  • Yeah on reflection and in discussion with my partner he also says I should be concentrating on time rather than distance. I do push myself with distance, I think because i am disappointed with myself for not yet completely giving up smoking, but tomo I will concentrate on gentle endurance rather than pace. My legs are sore today, feel very tight all the way up the backs so tomo will be a gentle day for sure. Many thanks for all your advice, it's great to have this input.

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