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Awful Week 1

Couldn't find the motivation, BUT THEN, Sunday morning I decided to start again so having completed my 1st day of week 1 again I felt good and am looking forward to getting up early tomorrow to complete the 2nd run of week 1.

Thank you to all out there who are supportive of people like me !!! I am still not sure I can actually complete this but we'll see.

best regards

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yes you can! just take it a run at a time and be proud of whatever you achieve. You've got yourself out of the front door and that's more than many people do. I'm a beginner just like you and I fully expect to have to repeat weeks as I'm monumentally unfit and somewhat chubby (as I'm euphemistically calling it!)

I've found this forum really supportive. I'm doing W2R1 tomorrow and fully expect to struggle but hey, I struggled thro' W1 and I made it to the end. I'd hesitate to say I was running - more like a wheezy shuffle but it was the first running I've done in over 45 years so I'm proud of myself. If we both keep going - who knows in 6 months we may be offering advice to the newbies from our lofty heights as proud graduates of the 5K programme!!!


Thank you for this and I have to say I laughed when I realised I too had been doing a heavy, wheezing shuffle !!! I had been trying to kid myself I was running but am glad someone else does the shuffle too for the forties ish!!!

That is a great idea - who knows it would be good to be in that position. Good luck with your WK 2 keep me informed!!

Best regards



The on thousand mile journey starts with a single step. You will be ready when the time comes to graduate. For the moment, enjoy what you are doing and don't look too far ahead, just take it as it comes. Best wishes.


The thing is we are all "people like you" & living proof that this is achievable as well as enjoyable (that's a bit of an understatement). You'll be fine. Take it at your own pace.


Thank you I am looking forward to week 2 and my confidence is returning which is great and am not worried what people think anymore when I am shuffling through it haha


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