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Help - I'm in need of a motivational boost

So last week I struggled with achey shins and calfs, but struggle on I did. Then on Sunday I went for my 1st afternoon run, and it was super, no aches. I felt refreshed and relaxed. It wasn't the fasted I'd ever run, but after the aches last week I was in no mood to push it.

Roll on two days and I needed to get up at 6am to do my usual midweek runs. I went to bed really looking forward to a ache free run in the morning. I even had a new route planned out with a couple of hills. Then the alarm went off, and I just rolled over and ignored it. No run for me this morning. The worst bit is I know if I'd just pushed myself out of bed and got out there I would have been fine. Instead I feel really crappy sitting here knowing I might not get a chance at all today because I was so lazy.

How do you other early morning runners get yourself out the door on these dark and dismal mornings?

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Not run in the mornings for a couple of weeks, but when was, I would put all my running kit out on the floor next to the bed, so when I got up in the morning, it was the first thing I would tread on/trip over. So would pick it up, head for the bathroom (so not to disturb other half) and get the gear on, and then collect water bottle and MP3 player, and go...........

And then get back to find other half still in bed!


i used to do the same... but too dark at the moment to run before work @5.30am.. roll on light mornings


I'm not keen on the dark to be honest, and the village where I live is on one of the schemes where they switch the lights off between certain hours, so at the minute it is pitch black when I go out!

I am also lucky enough to have a treadmill in the garage (prefer outdoors now tbh), but the sound of the wind and rain this morning just made me want to stay in bed all snuggly. The thing that actually got me out was the fact is it the Great British Bake Off final tonight on TV so I promised myself a small cake while I'm watching it. if I do my run!! So grabbed my MP3 player and went off to the garage to do the Speed podcast on the treadmill ~ wasn't up for tackling whatever the wind has brought down on the country lanes in the dark! I also have a 5k fun run in 11 days so know I need to keep putting the effort in. That is certainly keeping me motivated :)

If it wasn't for the thought of the cake though there is a good chance I would've stayed in bed! :D


I was a 5.30 am runner but it's just too dark now.. so i've had to resort to weekday runs being in my lunch break and a weekend one on a sunday morning about 9am.. But don't beat yourself up over 1 run.. up and at it next time!!! x


Hi anna, I don't run early in the morning because I already have to get up stupidly early for work. But when I set my alarm the night before, I put it just out of reach of my bed, so first thing in the morning I have to stand up and get out of bed to shut the thing up! Once I'm actually standing up, I don't feel AS bad about getting up. I'm not saying I'm 100% happy about it or anything but I do find it helps.

I wonder if this would help with you? Maybe you could put your running gear in between you and your alarm clock? Good luck!


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