Tea and toast... Where's my motivation?

I had planned to do an extra week 8 run this morning after school drop off (not feeling quite ready for week 9) but after being thrown off routine by a friend's bad news, and then a 40 minute chat in the cold with another friend, the only thing I could face was a warm drink and a piece of hot toast...

I've been consuming said items while reading posts here, and wish now I had just pulled on my running things and gone out, or at least read posts here before making my tea! Reading about others overcoming a lack of motivation does help. I'm now feeling guilty...

Is it ok to run an hour after food? If so, should I go out in an hour's time? If even one person responds, then I will!


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10 Replies

  • Just tea and toast shouldnt delay you even an hour, i would think! Go, change and hit the road and think of me, stuck here waiting for a repairman!

  • Well, I did say if one person responded.... I did see your post (while drinking said tea) and thought there's someone who 'would if could', and here I am, someone who 'could but isn't' - one of many posts making me feel guilty about not going! Don't know what's got into me but now you've responded, I'm thinking 'but it is quite cold...' I've run in rain, wind, hail before so that should be no excuse. Hope your repairman comes soon!! And, yes, I'm off to get changed!

  • I hope by the time you read this you will have got back from your run.

    All the time spent having a discussion with yourself - should I or shouldn't I, will I or won't I, and reasons/excuses for not running, you could have gone out, done your run, and got back. Plus you'd be guilt free. You know it makes sense. LOL

    Happy running

  • I saw your reply before I went out miss wobble as I was still employing delay tactics... But I promptly ran out the door at that point and now I have now been, gone and done it! I do feel better though can't say I enjoyed it at the time. The middle section was the worst... You're right, no point debating it, just do it. Should really go a run straight from school and the there's no dilly-dallying back here. Thanks to you and nilzed for replying and motivating me to go :)

  • I am still waiting (you can tell, as I have even begin reading and responding to old posts!) Worse yet, I opened the biscuit tin.

  • I was a bit like Tadaruns,kept putting it off, glad I did though, just completed run in lovely sunshine. Found a slightly smaller route, 2miles, which is better because I used the podcast and when it finished I was just about home (as opposed to the additional 10 min walk I have had other times). downside to the route: both routes take me down the towpath at the cannal, this one is full of dog mess....I own two dogs, its really not hard to pick up after them! right back to the revision!

  • Don't put off your runs! Get them done and then you can get on with the rest of your day

    Dodging dog muck is an art Suz! Makes me seethe it really does. I can clean up after my dog so why can't other folk do the same. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Lazy so and so's

  • Sometimes it's only too easy to find excuses not to run - I've done that before. It's got to the stage, for me, when I feel deprived now if I don't go out. So, make time for your runs because you are doing it for your own wellbeing and that's a good reason to get out there. Best wishes.

  • Sometimes motivation is hard to find, and tea and toast is a very tempting alternative when the weather is a bit miserable. But as nice as tea and toast might be as an alternative to a run, I can imagine few more compelling motivations when half way through a run than the idea of a nice cup of tea and hot piece of toast when I get back. In fact, on my next run, I am at risk of getting distracted half way round by the idea of a nice cuppa an a slice of toast with the butter melting into the bread. Even better with a dollop of raspberry jam on the toast. Of course the whole thing would be ruined if Marmite were suggested.

  • Good plan rcp27. Tea and toast will be the carrot on my next run until the weather improves anyway... It was very cold yesterday (though I wasn't by the time I'd finished!) but am looking forward to running in warmer weather, and might change the carrot to an ice lolly then...

    Have been thinking of what started me doing this - get fit as I have young children and want to run about as much as they do! - and that still remains as I am definitely fitter but with a long way to go until I feel I am officially fit... So I will keep going! Signed up to a run in May so that will help with motivation too.

    (Nilzed, hope you are still not waiting on that repair man!)

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