Where's my motivation gone?

Hi everyone, new girl on the block.........

I started c25k last August with my long-suffering husband in a desperate attempt to be fit rather than fat. I couldn't believe how addictive it was and by November we were able to run for 35 mins, although hadn't quite managed 5k - probably about 4.5k, but still pretty good, we thought!

Then disaster struck and I pulled a muscle in my lower back which set off sciatic pain that took weeks to settle, during which, no running. We eventually started again in April and are now able to manage about 20 mins (VERY slow) running, but this time it's soooooooo much harder to drag ourselves out there. It's as if all the shine has gone and I feel bored and unmotivated whereas before we were keen as mustard.

We're determined to keep going but I'm just wondering whether anyone else recognises this phase (if that is what it is) and has any ideas about how to get our mojo back!

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  • Sorry to hear you lost the spark but you can get it back and start doing a bit. You don't have to run as a twosome, particularly if your OH dOesn't feel inclined. You can get out there on your own and maybe he will join you when he sees you getting on with it.

    It's an excellent way to keep fit and lose weight, which will help your back

  • Could you change your route? Run it the other way round? Become a right nosy so-and-so and start noticing what everyone has in their front garden? Go somewhere completely different every now and then? (Drive to a park/lake/canal tow path/sea front?). Count cats on your way round and see if you can beat your record?

    OK some of those won't work, but I guess what I'm trying to say is why not try focusing on where you're going rather than what you're doing - and try to appreciate being outside and the wonder of everything you see. Easier if you live somewhere scenic than if you end up running round an industrial estate.

    ALSO, why not sign up for a race or write a date for a parkrun on your calendar. That way you'll have something to aim for and keep yourself motivated.

  • I've suffered with motivation issues too. Graduated last July and then only ran a couple of times a month after then. Started again this year and managed the coveted 5k in March and then just stopped! Bizarre! I've just gone back to basics with w1r1 and running during the cool down too. (Still cooling down after though!)

    I agree with runningnearbeirut the best runs I've ever done were when I changed direction. Turned left instead of right or went straight on instead if turning off. You have nothing to compare to and just have to keep going.

    I always run on my own with my favourite music too. My time.

    Good luck, part of the battle is recognising it - now the challenge is sticking with it. :-)

  • Running is never easy and if you are both struggling together that's even harder.. Perhaps try a different mindset... Stop beating yourself up and go out with a view to enjoy it, plan some beautiful runs, keep it steady at 20 minutes for a while and work up gradually. A goal is good.. What about aiming for a Parkrun or a 5k race you can plan for and get excited about. Don't give up it's so worth it and the rewards come with time.. Good luck ;)

  • i agree with juicyju, signing up for a fun run was the best thing i ever did. It gives you something to aim for after graduation and keeps the motivation high. I do know how you feel though and sometimes i think i don't want to run but i also know that i will feel so good once i have done it. I got up at 5.45 this morning and did my usual run in the fresh cool air now i am off to work after a shower and a quick bite to eat. Done and dusted for the day. Just go for it and you will get back into the swing of things. Good luck.

  • I am/was having motivation issues, too - also suddenly told myself I just couldn't do it! I've gone back to Laura - I chose a week I knew I could do easily (Wk 5) and went from there and am currently sitting here looking forward to my run this evening. I think I need a bit of a challenge and something to work towards but, having said that, I think I was putting too much pressure on myself trying to get to that elusive 30 min 5K! I plan on doing the C25K+ podcasts too, when I feel comfortable with myself again, to give me a plan to follow.

  • Best thing to do is go and do a parkrun. The support you get there is amazing. You don't have to run all 5k you can run/walk or even walk all 5k. The time is not important just complete the distance and enjoy the event. You'll soon find your mojo. So look up your nearest parkrun, sign up, print your barcode, turn up on Saturday morning, make loads of new running friends and enjoy!

  • I ran with my husband and I think it made things harder. Do you think you might be the sort of person that needs to run alone? Just a thought. Needless to say I've stopped running with hubby and runs improving. Good luck

  • Thank you so much everyone for taking time to reply - just reading the suggestions and expressions of support has made me feel more positive.

    I think the route could definitely be an issue - it wasn't something I'd thought about because we run in such a lovely place, down the lane to the sea then along the beach road past lots of pretty beach huts. But if I'm honest, I'm bored of seeing the 'same old' every time so perhaps a change will pep things up a bit.

    A friend mentioned a Race for Life which I think is July so maybe I need to commit myself to that too.....and the good news is we ran yesterday and managed the longest distance since starting back a couple of months ago. I know it's a good plan and I'm still a believer - I just want to feel the lurve again!

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