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Sometimes I find Laura's choice of music a little bland for training.

What are other members listening to out there, if not Laura, a few suggestions please.!?

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If you use the app ( I know some have had issues with it but it's been fine for me on an old iPhone 4) you can choose your own music but still have Laura spurring you on.

If you find certain songs are the right pace for you then go to and check out what bpm they are and you can then search songs with a similar bpm. Add them to your own playlist et voila!

Does anyone know if the app is on android yet? I'm having to redo a couple of weeks and the music is seriously doing my head in ..."I've got both feet on the ground and my head's up in the clouds" she trying to make us fall over or what?

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rcp27Graduate in reply to greenstar

Isn't the point of running that you don't have both feet on the ground at the same time? If you did, that would be standing.

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greenstar in reply to rcp27

I know! Or jumping. Just went for a run and tried different music and a different app and it was awful though, I needed Laura. :(

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rcp27Graduate in reply to greenstar

I imagine this is a sort of C25k shibboleth. I had never heard that song before I started the program, and now it's branded in my mind. You can tell "one of us" from regular people because we all have that song (and Laura's other "hits") deeply embedded in our psyches. I assume part of the choice of music she uses is related to being able to get a licence to use it cheaply. I expect the NHS has rather better things to spend its money on than licensing music for its running podcasts.

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greenstar in reply to rcp27

I did wonder today if there was some sort of conditioning going on - the first time I heard that tune I hated it, and now (because I'm doing week 5 again) I find myself humming along. I feel like one of Pavlov's dog's...

Some of the songs are ok, some boring but I don't mind. I usually focus on the run/breathing and the music is on the 2nd background. I notice rythm but the rest fade away.

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It's only half an hour or so! You can listen to your own music at any other time. The important thing is to have the beat to run to and that's very hard to organise with your own music.

I've heard one of the songs being used as background music on tv. On the stepping stones podcast (though I have only listened to a bit of that), she says that you would do so many minutes at such a bpm, and so many minutes at a slightly faster one. Maybe make note of the bpm's she mentions and search for songs with the bpm's and use those? That's what I'm going to do as I have got well fed up of the app songs. Though a couple of the instrumental ones have a good beat and I found myself running great when they came on!

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How do you get music?!?! I have the music sign but when I click it there is none?

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