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W8R2 indoors again


Yesterday sooo windy - gale force, went to nearest gym, 5 miles away. This is in a community centre and costs just £20.00 a year! Although the only other c25k run I was forced to do indoors due to weather I didn't enjoy at the sports centre, I thought this one was great. I could see myself in the mirror and it made me smile seeing me achieving this. I was on my own so could mess around with my 'running' style - arm movements etc. Roll on week 9 :-)).

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Ah, if only we could all have a community centre with gym equipment at only £20 per year. Much as I prefer to run outside it is the cost of the gym that puts me off going - I simply cannot justify it. Although I would love a chance to see myself in the mirror and play with my running style - could help the time go faster! Good luck with the rest of the programme. Best wishes.


Sounds like you are enjoying yourself and you've found a good place to go!. Its good to have an alternative if the weather is dodgy. Nearly there now! x


Good heavens! My local council-run gym costs £35 a month! However, since I turned 60, I am entitled to swim there for free. I gave up my membership because I mostly used it for swimming anyway, hardly ever used the machines and couldn't be bothered with classes as they all require advance booking.


Well done!! Sounds like fun! and nearly convinced me to go indoors - nearly!!! LOL!! :)

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