Worst weather but head clearing run

Warn you now bit of a ramble The last few weeks not been feeling 100% --sluggish ,slightly grumpy ,,putting on few lbs Been eating rubbish -- and lots of it Annoyed cos finally thought I had cracked my attitude to food Still enjoying running but wee niggle at back of mind in case that started to suffer too Really don't want to feel how I did 6months ago Today was to be first long 6ml run in training prog and had planned lovely route but decided to stay local in case I couldn't complete Have run outside all winter but never in conditions like this morning Really windy and wet but the worst was the feeling of needles attacking my head and face Thought at first it was hail but think it must just have been the wind Started to give up and head for home 3 times but kept going Thought of people who have to suffer pain every day and started to count my blessings. 1/2 way round saw blind man negotiating fallen branches with his stick and thought if he can get out and walk his dog in this I should stop moaning and get on with it . 3/4way round it was like a cloud had lifted and inside of my head just seemed to feel lighter Took me 1hr12 mins and am well chuffed Feel if I can do this I can do anything I just need to say it again -- c25k has changed my life


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  • Well done on keeping going, it would of been so easy for you to of given up and you are so right about how much C25K can change your life in such a positive way, I feel like I have my life back and am loving it.

  • Thanks mummy's Suppose cos all was going ok and I seemed to be coping I was lulled into thinking I would always feel good In fact it's more about how you deal with the dips So I am duly giving myself a shake

  • Well done Fit! you're doing great, keep at it. I totally identify with how you've been feeling. I've only managed a handful of runs since Feb. Had some news which stopped me in my tracks, pardon the pun! Now about to start a course of treatment for breast cancer so a wee journey ahead. I know you will understand with all your worries over your family, how it pulls the rug from under you. I'm determined to try to at least get out for walks whenever I can during my treatment, and if I can manage a run now and then, even better - the best de-stresser I know!! All dependent on our wonderful Scottish weather of course! Anyway, keep going for it - I've always found your posts inspiring and encouraging. Good luck!

  • Thanks for encouragement cheery So sorry to hear about your BC It must have been such a shock when you were diagnosed Hopefully the fitness level you have achieved through running will stand you in good stead You are probably starting on your hardest journey yet and I wish you well every step of the way Where in Scotland are you

  • Edinburgh area. Thanks for good wishes.

  • Good for you! You're right you just have to stop moaning and crack on, which is what I told myself today. I was out this morning and the wind was hellish! My hands were blue on the warm up walk, so much so that I extended it to 15 minutes to get warmer before starting to run. To keep me going, as I was running like a a clodhopper with his shoes on the wrong feet, I thought about the lady who wrote the other day that she had to take a stray puppy to the police station on her run!!!! So, I told myself things could be worse and to plod on. Instead of doing the 5 k I planned, I was still too far from home so decided to keep running. I ended up doing 7 k and felt fine at the end. Just as I was walking back I noticed how the ruddy wind had dropped, and felt robbed! It didn't rain here so bad luck there FF60. Keep off the junk food! It makes you feel unhealthy and won't help your running. I know this cos I was that fatty!

  • Your run sounds so similar to mine miss wobble Non running friends think I was mad for going out this morning but you understand It's only been 9 hrs but so far no junk has crossed my lips today ! So moaning over Know its not going to be easy but think trick is not to think few days / weeks slipping is the end It's all about dealing with life and getting back on track Thanks

  • Not a ramble, inspiring! Well done. The best runs are the ones we never really wanted/thought we could do. Life changing indeed :)

  • Thanks next Jen .guess you appreciate things you have to work hard for

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