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When it's not right, it's just not right

Hi all,

Feeling a little despondent today. Went for my first run since injury yesterday and ten mins into run my calf tightened and I felt that tender pain in calf so I stopped and walked rest of the way home thinking here we go again. Rang docs and asked if there was a GP that specialized in sports injury and of course nope and was offered an appointment next Wednesday ..... told not an emergency so tough basically.

Today the calf is feeling ok, a little tender, but not painful so I think I probably stopped just in time. Looked on net and seems it takes 6-8 weeks sometimes longer to get back so looks like I may have to sit it out. I am going to buy a foam roller and try that to help keep the muscle supple.

So here I am scuppered and in dry dock, big booooooo! :(

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Hi Ryansson, I replied to your post a few weeks back when you first did your calf injury. Mine was grade 2 and I was 6 weeks out with it, then I had to go back very carefully and slowly. It was my experience that GPs aren't much help, you could try a sports physio but I think the best cure is a good long break. The muscle is torn and needs to repair itself. Foam rollering sounds good, also I used to gently massage, I think increasing blood flow is good once you are past the inflammed stage.

Best wishes to you, it's awful to have a set back like this. Take care. :-)


Hi there, yes i remember your post. Good to know there is light at the end of the tunnel :)


Sorry your back to injury status, its frustrating I'm sure. Don't overdo the foam roller to start with, also check out the internet on correct way to use it so that you get full benefit.

A visit to a sports physio would also be worth a try, they are not cheap but will set you on the right road to recovery, you could also get good instruction on foam rollering too. Hope it settles down soon for you.

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Many thanks (not so) Oldgirl :)


Hello Ryansson, oh I really feel for you. I had a calf strain recently and was off running for four whole weeks - only just back to normal in the past week, but now happy to say completely healed (I've done three 5k runs this week without any problems). I exacerbated it by trying to run again too soon (twice!) and I know exactly what you mean by that tender pain ten minutes into a run. It's so frustrating. You just have to be patient and rest it for as long as it needs. Perhaps a physio visit and rollering (which I've never tried) will speed up the healing though. Look after yourself - it will get better.


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