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On the rest days in between runs, is it ok to do other forms of exercise? Can I leave 2 days between one of the runs?

I have just started the programme and I hadn't really planned my run days very well. First run was Thursday night and I see a personal trainer for an hour of intensive exercise on a Friday and then did second run on Saturday. Was in agony by the end of it so I was wondering whether it would be ok to do Tues' - run, Thurs' - run, Fri' - training and Sun' - run? So that would be 2 days between Thurs and Sun' run. Hope this makes sense!?!

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No problems, whatever fits in. Its best to have one complete day of rest, but on your non running days then cross training (weights/resistance or swimming or yoga/pilates or cycling) would be brilliant as anything you do to improve overall strength and suppleness is going to pay dividends and help prevent injury.


Ooooh, my trainer has me doing kettle bells, bulgarian bags, squats, lunges and anything else evil he can think of!!

I've ordered a bike so I think that this may be a slightly gentler on my elderly unfit joints and muscles.

I have also got myself some CEP compression socks as the pain in my shins was pretty intense.


Yes to both! I did other exercise in between my runs, mostly core and strength stuff, and I always had a 2 day break each week, one of which I would completely rest and eat/drink loads!


Hope so. I do the kettleworx kettlebell DVD programme (have done for over a year and its brilliant) on a Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. Just on wk 2 of C25K and doing that on a Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Friday is a complete day off from exercise (unless you count work, looking after an ageing relative and doing the food shop)! Seems manageable so far but time will tell.


nope, that's not a day off!!


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