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W6 R1

Well. no attempts anymore. Now I can get up the hill no stopping but still slowly and breathless!

Run went really well. Just a t-shirt (not half naked just no jacket!) today and I've started using Map my run on my mobile. For the first time I covered a total over 2 miles. 2.05 to be exact. I have always been close 1.88 to 1.96 but I've been wanting to break this for a while but too busy doing the hill. DONE IT!!!

Looking forward to my next run... Feeling like a superhero!

Happy running all!!!!


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Well done, sounds like you're making good progress :)


Thank you. X


Well done on breaking through the 2 miles. I'm the other way round to you, I've been running on the absolute flat and now need a route just a bit longer so had to include a hill. I've found it really tough so have great respect for you ascent embracers. I was very slow and could easily have been passed by a toddler. Good luck for the rest of week 6. :-).


Very slow but you did it! I'm still really slow. It doesn't matter as long as we stick with it we'll get faster. S X


Hi S "Superhero"!!! Thats so good! I haven't even tried a hill yet! Congrats on your 2 miles -YAY!!!


Thanks Aliboo. Look at that Graduate badge. nice and shiny!!! S X


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