Week One done!

Very pleased with myself. Today I did the third run of my first week. It was a lovely sunny day and I ran on the street and through the park. Grass seems to be a little harder going. Again I did just under two miles which I guess is OK. Hoping to hit two miles or more in week two. I was tired this afternoon but I feel like I will sleep well and my muscles don't feel too shot.

Bring on week two!



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  • Well done Stacey :)

    I've always found running on grass a bit tougher too, even though it is suppose to be better for you. I think it is the friction it creates...I probably drag my feet a little so the grass just reminds me of this fact!

    Don't worry about distance at this stage, just concentrate to getting those runs completed!

  • Well done on completing the first week - here's to week 2! :)

  • Well done Stacey !

  • Great work Stacey. I am about to start week 2 too.

  • Thanks everyone. Ally, I just did my first run of week two, brilliant! Did much more than I thought I would. couchto5k.healthunlocked.co...

    Hope your week two goes well. : )

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