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Week 5 Run 3 COMPLETE!!

This morning I went out to try week 5 run 3. I was hopeful but not optimistic about running for the full twenty minutes. I started to struggle at around the 14-16 minute mark but I pushed through and couldn't believe it when Laura told me I'd done it!!!! I'm so happy that I completed this run! I don't think I could be any more proud of myself, and I'm so glad I found C25K :) I simply had to share, especially for those facing w5r3 - it's nowhere near as scary as it seems!

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Tomorrow I run W5R2 and run 3 is scaring me, am glad I read your post. Well done and good luck with the rest of the programme :)



I ran W5r2 yesterday and although a bit tough on the second 8, I just kept telling myself 8 is only 5+3, both of which I knew I could do. I found that concentrating on my breathing (four in, four out) helped me to not notice the run and before I knew it, it was done - I even carried on a little to get to the end of my circuit. You can do it (and run 3 too).


Thanks JenniRae

I do it tomorrow so your timing is excellent. Like you I'm hopeful, but going from 8 minutes to 20 seems like a massive leap, however knowing that you found it tough at 14-16 but did it gives me hope...


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