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Bridge-to-10K: Week 2 Run 3

Another 1am run today! Not by choice, I assure you! My partner and I had a date today -- an outing in London. So we left home this morning to spend a day in the Natural History Museum, followed by dinner and Cirque du Soleil's "Kooza" at the Royal Albert Hall.

A rather nice day... but it meant that I didn't get back home to Oxford until the stroke of midnight -- just barely missed turning back into a pumpkin! By the time the kitties were fed and the evening chores were done, it was -- you guessed it -- one o'clock in the morning. So on went the running shoes and the jogging bottoms, and out the door I went into the cold night.

Back in the days when I ran with Laura, she would remind me that some runs are better than others, and there's no rhyme or reason for it. She would also remind me that a bad run is better than no run at all. Sound familiar? Samantha offers no such advice, so I was relying on memories of Laura tonight, because this was not a good run.

Not really sure why -- remember, no rhyme or reason. I certainly don't blame the lateness of the hour, as I have been running at this time all too often lately. Maybe it's the cold?? Who knows? In any case, I was noticeably slower than in other recent runs. In 45 minutes of running, I covered 7.12 km -- that's about 7% slower than the first two Week 2 runs, in which I ran 7.65 km in the same 45 minutes.

This slowdown was pretty consistent through the run, too; my distance covered in the three 15 minute running segments was 2.38 km, 2.39 km, and 2.35 km, respectively. Taken together, I averaged 9.5 km/hour today (or, if you prefer, 5.9 mph... or 10:07 per mile... or 6:19 per kilometer). First time I've dropped below the magic 10km/hour in quite some time!

Anyway, those are the figures for posterity's sake... and to prove I'm an honest runner, posting the bad along with the good. It would be cheating to only post stats when they're good, but I don't want to dwell on it being bad -- Monday will bring another run, which will presumably be better. Onwards and upwards! 10K awaits!

In the meantime, I can be proud of the fact that I have now finished Week 2 of the Bridge-to-10K programme! Huzzah! Two weeks down, four weeks to go! Wow, but this thing flies by! I only started on New Year's Day, and I'm a third done already! Monday's run will be the start of Week 3, adding an extra six minutes onto the total running time! After subtracting out the two 1 minute walking breaks, I may find that I've passed 8km for the first time ever! Fingers crossed!

Lots of cheers for all my fellow "Class of 2013" 10K trainees! I'm really having a great time reading about your own runs and sharing this experience virtually with y'all! Happy running!!

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I am just in awe of the fact that you run at 1 a.m. in the morning! Which means that you probably don't get to bed until about 2 a.m. What time do you get up?

That aside, I commend you for your honesty! Those times sound good to me. I can't track mine properly yet, cos I can't work out how the Garmin works completely!

Well done for getting a quarter way through it and happy running indeed, Matthew.

BTW - did you enjoy Cirque de Soleil? Saw a couple of their shows at the Albert Hall many years ago, when they didn't have safety nets and lines etc! It was jaw-droppingly, heart-stoppingly good!


Well done Matthew on having the discipline to turn out again at 1am for a run. Maybe you were slower because the air was cold to your lungs? Next time wear a scarf across your mouth to warm up the air you breathe in-it may resolve the problem.

You had a fantastic day out, so were in good spirits. I wouldn't worry ab out the speed, just the endurance and the fact that you did it. It wasn't really a bad run really-only in your eyes because you had your eye on the fact that you were running slower than usual (?).

You have loads of positives in there, and are doing so well-don't neg out when one run is not exactly as you want it.

Keep in Running :-)





Wow I'm impressed , I have now got Bridgeto10k on my phone :-), but haven't ventured out since my 5K stamina a couple of weeks ago. :-( I HAVE ti get out there rthis week and get started as I have booked up for the Town and Gown 10k !! I'll follow your posts carefully Matt :-) and I think it's important to post the 'not so goods' with the 'Wow that was great's)

It's good for people who think that it's just them that are struggling thanks and well done :-)


Now, I remember reading the words of a wise man...who wrote don't worry about the speed, concentrate on building stamina and getting through the run. Sound familiar? It should, you wrote it. :-) Awesome run Matt! You finished it and rocked!!! Could you have ran that time a few months ago? :-) I truly admire you for getting out there during the night instead of making excuses. It would be very easy to do. Gayle


Um, slow? I think not! Maybe slower than other runs, but still very good times! A third of the way through already, woooo!


I echo Rollertoaster - slow?? Keep doing what you are doing Matthew; its great :)



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