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Week 8 run 1

Didn't feel at all confident about it, but went out in the sunshine and slogged through it. First ten minutes were as tough as ever (though also slightly uphill), then there was a patch in the middle where I actually put a waypoint on my garmin saying 'good', because I felt pretty much ok, but was sure I wouldn't remember it like that by the end! The second half was a bit downhill which helped. Seems a blooming long time though!

Still slow (5.9kph, so slightly better) but a total of 2.7k in 28 minutes, so that made distance and time personal bests, but not likely to win any prizes!

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I just had a look to see where you were in the plan & it seems you are nearly a graduate!

dont worry about speed at this point. that will come later if you want it to. just being able to run for 28mins solid is such a fantastic achievement, especially for us who were formerly non-runners.

thanks again for the donation. I am absolutely buzzing that Ive got some from people Ive never met :)

good luck with the rest of the plan. shelley x


Thanks - mmm, nearly a graduate - but it still seems a looooooong way off! But you are so right, I have come a very long way since mid December when 60 seconds was such a huge challenge. Thanks for reminding me, because it's so easy to forget (that sounds daft, but I'm sure you understand!)


You are doing soooo well x Be proud, very proud x


OK. I am PROUD! :D


Fair play Greeners, I've still to do run 3 of 7 as the gas went in the street and I had no heat for a shower, just heard from Mrs Fingalo it's back on so I'll be running in the morning.

You're really not going to let me catch you. Relentless so you are.


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