Tips for tackling week 5?

Hi, I am just about to start week 5 and am feeling a bit nervous, especially about run 3! Can't see how I can possibly go from just managing 5 mins to doing 20 in one week! Is it really possible?!?! Any tips much appreciated!


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  • If you scroll up and down the posts and check out the number of graduates you'll see that it's being done all the time. Have faith in the programme, Laura and yourself. You'll crack it!

  • Yes it is! It really is possible! All I can say is I found it really hard to do 60 seconds at the beginning of the programme but I did it. I slowed right down and just took it steady, the first five minutes seemed to take forever and then before I knew it, it was done. So just take it steady and you will be fine. Good luck with your running. x

  • Well done amber duck for getting this far. I'm just ahead of you on W6 and I completely get your feelings of fear, but in a few days you will be elated that yes you can do it. have faith in yourself and the program. good luck.

  • You can do it! Believe in yourself and the programme and you will be just fine. Take it slowly and you will be so pleased with yourself when you finish. Good luck and let us know how you get on!

  • I managed this run yesterday!! At the beginning of the program I thought the same as you. You can do it, you will do it!!! Take it at your own pace and just keep going. Let us know how you get on!

  • Amber duck, well done for getting this far! Remember 5 weeks ago when you first started, bet you thought you couldn't run for 5 minutes, now you can. The plan is designed to build you up to be able to run 20 minutes this week and YOU CAN! as everyone else says! have faith and remember everyone has done this and everyone finds w5r3 daunting. It really is a mind thing, really!

    4 weeks ago I was in the same place and dreading it so on run2 I ran 20 minutes to prove I could do it and to get rid of the stress and worry about run3. You can so it, let

    us know how you get on so we can all celebrate your achievement!

    Today, I am doing run 3 of week 9 and you will too!

  • Hi amberduck,

    ditto what everyone else says. I am very overweight (best part of 38kg) and i managed. the trick for me was to keep talking to myself reminding myself what i'd already run. i knew i could do more than ten so just told myself whatever else happened i'd not stop before ten mins .next thing i knew it was halfway then "nearly there". I did have to keep being my own trainer and talking to myself because i think a lot of it is mind over matter. I counted out the steps in my head at one point because that helped stick to a rhythm. I was very slow and it wasn't as easy as i'd hoped but i didn't stop. Last night i was supposed to run 10 walk 3 run 10 and i just kept going and it wasn't a struggle at all. You will be fine if I can do it. Your head just wants to mess with you!

    Good luck and a quack!

  • Only the other week i had the same doubts and worry. I did end up repeating the second run of week 5 twice but earlier this week i managed 20 mins. I couldnt believe it. I am 57 never run in my life till january. I have just signed up for a 5km charity run and feel very happy with progress. You can do it

  • Same! About to do that on Monday and also no idea how I will manage been struggling with sore knee and a terrible cough so it's against all the odds I've made it this far! Lol

  • I did it last week and along with my fellow runners we didn't think it was possible.

    My advice would be to take it slow slow slow! You need to build your confidence as well as fitness! Once you get through 5 mins you'll get into the swing and keep going. Maybe run a different route- might help!

  • hi amberduck, i just did it this morning, YOU CAN DO IT. As Laura says, it sounds scary, but you have done the ground work already. She will talk you through it. Go for it!

    I did'nt think i would do it either......!

  • thank you everyone for all the comments above. Like amberduck, I am about to start wk 5 and have just downloaded the podcast - so scary looking at what has to be done by run 3. However, I have made it this far, despite not even being able to run for a bus before so I will give it a go - thanks to your encouragement.

    1.7kilos down, only 12.3 to go.

  • Ditto, I start week 5 tomorrow. Thanks for all your comments above, it's made me feel it's possible. I haven't lost any weight on this though, having said that, I've been at home in France for 2 weeks and the cheese and wine here are wonderful.... maybe there's a connection there ;)

  • I have been running for about 3 months now - up to about 12 klms per week. I haven't lost an ounce of weight -- BUT I have lost my beer belly completely and friends are commenting about my changed appearance. I don't know where the belly has gone - maybe turned into muscle somewhere ???

  • Thanks Bazza. I'm not sure I'm ever going to get my 6-pack back, but it's encouraging to know that the longer the running goes on the fewer wobbly bits you get!

  • You can do it - We have all been there. I remember doing wk 5 run 2 3 times!! because I was scared to move on. Talking to people on here really encouraged me to do it. Take it really slow at the beginning, listen to the music and remember it is just 4 sets of 5 mins. Also make sure you are well hydrated and perhaps a banana (1 hr before) to give you that boost. Good luck and trust Laura - you will do it!

  • Like everyone says, YES!!!! You certainly can do this. If you have followed the system so far, then you are really are ready. I know it doesn't seem feasible, but you really, really are. The only thing that could stop you is your head. Don't listen to your internal doubts, listen to the podcast (awful as the music may be!) and to Laura and just keep putting one foot in front of the other. Do go slow - you can always sprint the last 60 seconds if you feel you have too much energy left at the end of your run. Just keep going to the end of the podcast. You will be a graduate of the program before you know it. Let us know how you get on.

  • Thank you so much everyone, it is lovely to hear how other have got on and to know it is possible! I did w5r1 this morning and it went OK, so I will just try and keep calm and not get scared by the big two zero! So pleased I found this site - loving the info and support.

  • I felt exactly the same as you - thinking that Laura had gone a bit mad on that last podcast! But, you can totally do it! All the running you have done so far has helped to build up your stamina and your body in order to tackle the run. It's all in the mind, some days, if I'm in a bad mood, I find the run a little harder to do, but if you are feeling positive and excited about it, you will totally smash it!

    When running, just KEEP CALM. If you find yourself starting to think or say to yourself "I can't do this" tell yourself that No, you absolutely can! If you start to feel you are struggling, just slow down a little bit but do keep running. Laura is right when she says that once you've done the run and know you didn't give up, you feel AMAZING!

    I'm finishing Wk 7 this weekend and cannot feel prouder of myself! I've got the bug and once you know you can run for 20 mins solid, the rest of the podcasts will be a breeze!

    Well done so far, and don't stress, you can take on the challenge!

  • hiya i was in exactly the same place last week , i thought there is no way but honestly you can. i just stayed relaxed its all in your mind you cant...keep telling yourself you can. i cant tell you how great you will feel. Good luck I'm rooting for you xx

  • Just go for it! Not very fast! It's over six months since I graduated but as we all here can still remember the elation of completing THAT run.... Euphoria, big high from endorphins, huge grin, lots of swearing out loud on the way, cursing Laura and then the shouting out loud and punching the air as Laura finally says it's time to stop! Give it all you have got but at a steady pace! You will amaze yourself..............

  • Hi,

    If you have read my posts don't think you will have any trouble like I have had. My issue is I have changed my route to one that includes a nice hill at the start! I will be doing the 20 mins next on Monday and hope I can crack that hill again and keep my legs moving to complete it. Chances are I won't and will just keep trying until I do.

    The first time I did this program I didn't have to repeat any of the days right through but I kept to the same route on the road and a cycle track. This time I wanted to find somewhere that made me want to run. This is why I'm determined to struggle my way through this trail.

    If you have got through the previous weeks you can do W5. Just believe in yourself and keep a nice pace.

    S x

  • I completed week 5 tonight and know exactly how you feel because so did I. After the second run I still wasn't confident so I added an extra run in - 8 mins run, 5 mins walk and then 12 min run. It gave me the confidence that I could run for over 10 mins and tonight I ran for 20 mins without a problem and know I can do more. Good luck :-)

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