W9R3 - graduation!

Lovely sunny day to do my graduation run. I carried on through the walk section and on to the beginning of the W8 podcast (because of going on a longer route), so got to hear You and Julie and what I call the Take That song ("I won't let you fall ...") twice!! Rather fitting as these are now among my favourites, well they stick in my head anyway. Started 7 December so what with Xmas and a bit of illness really pleased to finish in 11 weeks. Thanks to everyone who posts - I enjoy reading them even if I don't post/respond much myself. Next goals - parkrun and speeding up to get closer to 5k in 30 mins.

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  • You and Julie is forever fixed in your brain now. LOL

    I quite enjoyed re-hearing it after injuring myself and having to repeat earlier runs. I'd really missed it! Well done on Graduating! Happy running

  • Congratulations...what a great achievement...Parkrun is fab, you will love it...good luck!

  • Well done. What is parkrun please?

  • Pakruns are free 5k runs organised every Saturday in parks or similar across the country. They're great, i completed my second this morning knocking 2.5mins off my previous time! Every1's so friendly and relaxed and supportive. Its just nice getting out there and running with a group :) Def got the bug for them

  • As littlehelen says, Parkrun is free and great fun and I don't know anyone who has taken part who doesn't catch the bug. They take place all over the UK and abroad too. Have a look at parkrun.org.uk/ and see if there is one near you. A highly recommended way to start your weekend.

  • Earworms.............make me shudder to think of them, but if you like them, great. Congratulations on graduation, fellow runner.

  • Thanks everyone :)

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