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I've only just gone and bl**dy well done it!


Well, that's it, ten weeks, 28 runs (I snuck an extra one in), and a fair few times I thought I wasn't gonna be able to do it, but here I am, about to apply for my graduation badge! It took slightly longer than the nine week programme as I strained my calf muscle on W9 R1, had a few days break to rest it, then did the three week 9 runs again (hence the extra run). I must admit I'm chuffed to bits, although I did feel a greater sense of achievement at the W5R3 run, that was an awesome feeling!! I'm just wondering, though, whether it will ever get "easy"- I still feel as though I'm gonna expire at around the ten minute point!! :)

So, I'm excited to see where this new journey takes me..........

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Oh well done! That's fantastic. Enjoy your post grad runs xx


Congratulations. You are officially a graduation runner. We'll done you.


Fantastic ... well done!


Well done!

Congratulations and really well done. There's lots you can do after graduation. Click on "life after your 5k" on your right here for ideas.

I sense your excitement from your post. Brilliant!


Congratulations! Feel great doesn't it?

Congratulations! Well done! There's the 5k+ podcasts that you can try xxxx


Thanks everyone - it's great to have support and to share the celebrations on here - I find my family are somewhat underwhelmed!

I'm going to concentrate on just enjoying running - I'm not really that bothered about statistics - I just want to get out there, get my heart pumping and get these old bones moving! When I feel a bit more comfortable, I'll then try some of the other podcasts - a new challenge and all that! :)


Well done YOU! Brilliant news. Does it get easier? Er.....yes eventually. But running is HARD. I graduated last June '13 and have been running regular 5Ks (and even 8K two days ago) but really only got to say that I could run 5K "with ease" about a month ago!!!! But I find slow and steady is the key......keep that as your mantra.

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Thanks for your reply and thanks, too for all your very entertaining posts - they have made me laugh out loud (I'm too old to say LOL!) on numerous occasions! I even think I might have a trip to Richmond sometime to see you in your running tights!! :) :)

I suppose I don't want it to be "easy" as such - I don't consider that I've had a good workout (I do two mad and energetic Zumba classes a week, too) unless I've felt I might pass out at some point (lol!) - but it is still a battle of wills to keep going at the "toxic ten" point in the runs and just wondered if this ever get better? Well done on the 8K - get you!! :)


Fantastic :) I still have a wobble around the 10 minute mark of my run but it always passes and my run tends to become easier as I relax into it.

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