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First Time - first jog/walk since, well since forever

I'm on the weighloss blog (week 5 of 12wk program - 2.5kgs (5lbs odd) lost) and have always wanted to be "sporty". But I'm not a natural, also not helped by the fact that I'm not particularly light either.

I always think of disaster movies and realise that I would be one of the first to go if there were zombies/aliens/vampires/tsunami's simply because I wouldn't be able to run fast enough!

I heard of the C25K on the weighloss blog and thought I would give it a go - what have I got to lose?

I have got everything prepared and my first walk/jog is tonight and I am trying to psych myself up for it.

My thoughts, I think, are my biggest obstacle, OK I am extremely unfit but it's my feelings of shame and failure (I failed so many times before) that stop me getting out that door and I need to not let them and just be brave and do it.

Also how do I explain to my husband what I am doing?

Do I say nothing and just say casually "I'm off for a walk, see you later" or do I explain I'm trying yet another exercise/diet program?

I don't feel ready to tell him about the 12 week program or the C25K, simply because we have been here before, he has supported me before only for me to give up whatever it was I was doing.

OK enough negativity - this certainly won't help me out that door!

Anyhow, it is quite helpful to read your blogs with those completing the program and being able to run for 30min without walking. This is my goal, not so much distance, for the time being, just to run for a respectable amount of time without embarrassing myself.

I just need to be brave.

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Congratulations on deciding to take up the challenge! You've already made a great start with your weight loss. Loads of people on here run for the reasons you have stated so you certainly have support here. I myself do slimmingworld and god knows how many times I start and restart that. I think it took me 3 attempts before I got into the swing of this running - I'm now at the end of week 6 and can say that the initial hump is hard work. But... The rewards come thick and fast. Lost over a stone now and the buzz of reaching the end of a podcast is unreal.

As for your husband;honesty is the best policy. tell him you want to do this and need his support. Make sure your mind set is positive - when I started and didn't believe I could do it, I often struggled. Now with a positive frame of mind success has arrived.


Well done on blogging and getting yourself support for this. You can do this - I can testify as I was in exactly the same place as you nine weeks ago. Nervous and full of trepidation. As for the negativity and feeling like you have been here before - so have we all - which is why we all frantically blog on this site. The important point is you haven't given up.This for me is the best weight loss effort I have made and it feels sustainable _i have done about nine pounds thus far - which I put down to eating well and the running. Trust the podcast and you will quickly build up - I never found any week easy - but I trusted Laura and just believed I could do it because she said so. The most important thing I feel now - is a big thank you to C25K and the bloggers support. I am in a much better place mentally and feel I have got at last a means to lose weight and keep it off. Sorry to sound a bit evangelical - i was in a horrible place at end of March and feel so much better.

Be honest with what you are doing - it is building up to three miles running in 30 mins - wow.

so kids in bed and foot out the door.

Happy running :-)


Good decision to start. I tried to start running last year on my own, just having a go, and not having a clue. I gave up quickly. My wife and 10 year old thought it was funny that I had bought running shoes, and they were still clean.

Started C25K in April, missed a couple of weeks, and re-run some, but now I am making real progress. And the jokes have stopped. I am now firmly on the moral high ground, and the view is mighty fine!

The C25K programme really works, you only have to read the blogs and you will see. Only problem is you become a running convert like me. Every day I think to myself is this a run day or a rest day.

Go for it! And enjoy it!


Hey congratulations on taking the positive action you have and on your weightloss so far. It takes real courage to re-start where you feel you've failed before. Welcome to c25k. It's a very welcoming place and everyone is very supportive.

I think it's up to you if you want to tell your hubby. It must be difficult having tried in the past and maybe he's made comment about "yet another weight-loss" programme. But I agree it will make a lot of difference having his support. Having someone else you can share a good or bad run with. Of course you can tell us though. :-)

Overall with your eating plan and starting c25k, it's one step at a time one after the other. Everyday you make a choice to be healthier and fitter. Sometimes it's a step back. But it's a journey and you can do it. It won't be easy, but it wouldn't be an achievement if it were.

Hope your first run went ok. Good luck!


Thanks all for your comments. Some made me really chuckle as I can relate to them and others made me think a great deal which I carried with me on my fast walk - yes I did it!

I can't actually believe I did it but I did.

I can't say it was a true jog when Laura said to go for it but it was certainly faster than I have ever moved before! I struggled to get through it and I was out quite long on the road because I stopped once and a while but I got through it. They are really good podcasts in that you don't have to think if you have run 60 secs or whatever. You just have to listen and do.

I told my husband I felt like a walk as I wanted some fresh air and it was a "nice evening" (grey skies, windy and virtually raining in our area despite the weather forecasts) He looked a bit perplexed but off I went. I got in trouble because I left my phone at home and was out for about 45mins and home just before 9pm. (This is completely out of character for me and we have just moved to an area we don't know so you can appreciate his concern) We had a general chat about exercise and health. He has always been sporty, slim and healthy so I think he doesn't quite get the battle I face.

I haven't said as such that I am following a programme rather that I'm trying to make some small changes to the way I have been doing things and see how it goes. We had a good talk but next time I need to take my mobile with me for just in case. He is a worry wart but that is just fine by me.

I've got some questions which I will post on the question part of the blog.

Thanks again for your responses - they were very helpful to me.


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