w9r3 graduation

Ran this morning in the pouring rain. It has been 9 weeks, no runs or weeks repeated just trusted the programme. Today was 30 mins. On Sunday I went for distance and completed 6.5km. It took me much more than 1/2 an hour, but very do able. What next?

This forum does really help. If you are reading this before w1r1 then you can be writing this status at easter!!

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  • Hey! Really well done!!! :D

    Sign up for a 10K/HM? Run up a hill? Work on speed? Increase distance? Join a club?

  • Congratulations. Feels amazing doesn't it!

  • Hooray for you ! (Barring injury or illness (and I've had both during my c25k journey) I'll be graduating next Saturday.)

  • Brilliant. Always great to hear positive stories. It was posts like this which made me believe it really is possible. Treat yourself to some running gear lollllll.

  • Fantastic!

    Its really helpful to hear success stories espcially at times when it all feels a bit much - running for 6.5k? thats amazing - you should be well-chuffed!

  • Congratulations geesus Loving your new badge

  • Well done you, 6.3k I'm still not up to this distance. Enjoy your running

  • Congratulations!

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