W5R3- nailed it!

Hi all, I am so pleased I completed this run yesterday. I had a good break in the weather, which helped,, although it was still windy and hard running against it. At times I felt as if I was stationary but I just kept going. I was pretty nervous as it is a big leap from run2 but as others have said I just reminded myself to have faith in the programme. I kept thinking of all the different names I have seen on here and tried to remember as many as possible and that just kept my legs going. I tried to picture everyone all jogging in the park together and that certainly helped me. My recovery after was so much quicker than its been before, even though the run was for longer, although I did go very slowly. I did manage to lap a few dog walkers- so I can't have been too bad!

I am mindful of the fact that some of my buddies on here are unable to run at the moment, and I really do feel for you, I know how good this programme has made me feel so far, so I wish you all a speedy recovery and hope that you will be fit to get out their again soon. Forgive my boast about my Wk5. Oh, I nearly forgot, I opened the door to my postman just after I got back and he said 'going for a run' and I beamed 'no I've just got back'. Six weeks ago I never would have thought I would be saying that! Chuffed!


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  • Excellent! Well done! I'm heading out on w5r3 this afternoon and I will try you suggestion when it starts to get tough!

    It's a pretty daunting distance but I've seen so many people now say they've achieved that I think I might have half a chance too!

    Thanks for sharing - and well done!!

  • Thank you gnimia! Yes you have every chance! Go for it- just pace yourself. Good luck and let us know how things go. x

  • You post away no-excuse. I run very slowly, it's more of a jog really, but it's still getting out there. I notice runners a lot more now and always think of people on here too when I'm out. I find that keeps me motivated and distracts my mind from thinking I'm running. Gnimia enjoy that run.

  • Thanks Tinyrun- me too

  • Well done, it's a great sense of achievement finishing that run isn't it.

    I'm sure no one would ever be left wondering if I was in my running gear pre-run or post-run... my beetroot face is a bit of a giveaway!

  • Thanks! What I forgot to say was I had a drive back from the park with the windows down!

  • well done ! its a great feeling, think everyone at my work knew on thursday after my w5 r3,i was so pleased!!! i'm going to try w6 r1 tonight, though think im developing the lurgy going round.... its great to hear of everyone progressing through the weeks and doing so well, congratulations !

  • Thanks aliboo! Hope you can stave off the lurgy! Good luck with W6 - let us know how you get on.

  • Did w6r1 tonight, it was bit hard going , pouring with rain as stepped out the door and my calves were a bit more achy than last run, but did complete it ok so its all good! had a running partner today who had his GPS on so discovered my route is 2.5miles long, was hoping it was 3 miles but never mind! Lurgy still holding off mostly so fingers crossed for a good week, good luck for your runs this week!

  • Me too! Just back from W5R3. Yay. There seems to be a little cluster of us at the same stage just now.

    It's a great feeling to be called a runner!

    I was really nervous beforehand but thought of it as an experiment in 'how slow can you go?!' Really really slow is the answer.. But I actually caught myself speeding up by the final 5 mins.

    Well done all of us! :))))

  • Sorry Jaqs- thought I had responded earlier! Well done for completing it. Good luck with W6!

  • I have also just got back from W5R3! I guess we all started after Christmas... :) I did it and it wasn't too bad although I did wonder if I would make it at one stage - we live not far from the coast in Dorset and the wind is enough to take you off your feet!

  • Good for you YJB1! Getting out there with the windy weather isn't easy. Happy running for W6

  • Fabulous everyone! I'm doing this run tomorrow so this is brilliant to read.

  • Thanks! Trust you are feeling better now- good luck for tomorrow!

  • Well done! I too have just done this one, it was hard but definitley do-able. I think I worked myself up all day thinking it was going to be really bad so in the end it wasn't. It was more of a head challenge. Can't believe we've got this far. Good luck for the coming runs and well done again!

  • Yes it was hard but I went out early so I didn't have all day to get worked up about it! Well done again!

  • I'm about to start wk 6 too, pretty sure I wouldn't have got this far if it wasn't for the advice and support on here and the knowledge that there are other people in the same boat - it's great!

  • Oh I agree- everyone has been so encouraging, its brilliant. Good luck x

  • Well no-excuse & all you others, you are supposed to boast at this biggy. You're supposed to go around with a big smug smile on your face. You're supposed to go around telling your nearest & dearest "I just ran for 20mins" over & over again & they are not allowed to complain or roll their eyes. This was how I celebrated. Go for it.

  • Hahaha- I shall carry on boasting then! Thankyou!

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