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WEEK5 RUN1!!!!! Dog less from now on

Well have just got back from the first run of week5 and to my amazement it was doable. The first 5 mins were actually the hardest. On the down side I think we are going to haveto leave the dog behind from now on as she is only young and small and is very tired when we get back, don't think 20 mins will do her any good. Good luck to everybody starting week 5

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Oh, shame you have to leave her behind. Mine is a whippet x german shepherd. She can out run me any day. Congrats on W5 R1. I'm starting it on Sunday.



Good luck for Sunday. Mines a jack Russell and willing but I don't want to damage her legs with longer runs.


Well done you - that's amazing! Hoping to start week 5 tonight but have bad cough - hoping to still go out through. Let us know how the other week 5 runs go :)


Hope she forgives you.


We now have a 3 month-old mutt living with us, and it is recommended that they should only have 5 minutes walking for every month of age. Not running, but walking.

The time will come that she can run with me without harming her.


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