at long last!!!!

at last the weather held off long enough for me to get out and complete week5 run1!!!!! I am so thrilled i did it. I really struggled with the last minute of the last 5min run and willed Laura to say i had completed it. i think i will do this run again to make sure i am able to complete it and feel comfortable with it before moving on to run2 the thought of doing the longer runs gives me the Colly wobbles!!!!!! lol

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  • You are probably wise to repeat something if you feel it would work better for you. I know what you mean about the weather - it has been getting in the way a lot recently. I went out this morning before breakfast, after I'd walked the dog, and was glad I did as it was dry and sunny. One hour later it's grey skies, rain and high winds. Good luck with your next run and best wishes.

  • It has been an awful week weather wise so have not been able to get out to run.

    So on Thursday i bought myself a treadmill and have completed on Friday week 4 run 3 to compensate for not running for 7 or8 days and just completed this morning,week5 run1 again with relative ease, i feel like i am back in the program and looking forward to week5 run2. Hooray!!!!!!!

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