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Did it!!!!!! :) :) :) Despite rain, Laura jumping on a track about 14mins in and accidentally turning my phone, and hence MapMyRun, off in trying to get her back, so had to do the last bit by guesswork based on previous runs. But I claim the full time. Am I pleased with myself :D

15 Replies
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WELL DONE! Great feeling isn't it? You are right to feel pleased with yourself. Not long to go until you graduate. Good Luck!

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Brilliant! Well done you!

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WELL DONE! me too (this morning) , feels really good to do something that didn't seem possible a few weeks back... am not feeling too bad now either, am really surprised!!!

P.S how do you add the smiley faces ? i want some!!!!

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JHarveyLGraduate in reply to aliboo70

Thanks. For smileys, use the same keystrokes you'd use on facebook or your phone. So :) = [colon]), :D =[colon]D and so on. Let's see if this works "I <3 running"

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JHarveyLGraduate in reply to JHarveyL

Nope, that didn't work! They obviously don't have the full set :(

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aliboo70 in reply to JHarveyL

Not to worry! thanks for trying!

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JHarveyLGraduate in reply to aliboo70

Here's an attempt at a few more - let's see which ones work!

:) :D :( ;) :O 8) O;) 3:) :'( :P

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JHarveyLGraduate in reply to JHarveyL

Oooo! That's a good few more

:P [colon] P

;) [semi-colon] )

:O [colon]O

:'( [colon]'(

:* [colon]*

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Well done! Happy running

Well done!!!! You must be so proud!!

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Good on ye! I'm looking at week 6 going "yeah, I can do that" when I couldn't even run for a minute 5 weeks ago. I hope you're feeling really good about yourself, it's quite an achievement.

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That's amazing! I'm starting week 5 tomorrow (eeek!) so great to hear that it's possible!! Well done :)

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JHarveyLGraduate in reply to LSBeech75

Definitely possible. Just believe in the programme; assuming you've found a pace you can keep up comfortably the real challenge this week is in your head as Laura says. I've found I can start to look around and think of other stuff as I go now rather than just focussing on the path ahead of my feet, then before you know it your time is up :)

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Well done on completing W5. And fog retting it dine despite the weather and technical problems! Good luck for W6


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Isn't it great! I just did w5r3 and I am totally buzzing from having run for a full 20 mins, well done on yours! Xxx

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