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Anyone else dislikes running with earphones?

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Is there anyone else who feels bad running or walking with earphones, even with volume on low? I for sure do, and I thus perceive the podcast as a necessary evil to give me the timing and a structured programme providing motivation to drag myself out of bed into the cold, windy pre-dawn darkness (sorry, Laura!). I also yank them off as soon as the last run segment is over ( I always somehow end up more than 5 minutes of walk from home). I am really missing the natural sounds and the ability to be alone with my thoughts when running, and looking forward to the long, uninterrupted runs which should be possible with just a timer in my pocket.

P.S. Done W3R2 today.

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Then get an arm band phone holder and put your phone as loud as you can without music on. We each work differently, I couldn't hope to run without music: it peps me up, distracts me and gees me up when I'm at my lowest. If you prefer the sounds of nature, then immerse yourself in them but remember to looks where your running! 😂 I've had to run with my phone on loudspeaker before due to tech problems and I just remember, out there don't care!

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GryllotalpaGraduate in reply to Jundal

I do not own a smartphone, so I am stuck with mp3. Not much choice!

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JundalGraduate in reply to Gryllotalpa

Oooooh, everyone look! It's a time traveller! From the NINETIES! 😂😂😂

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GryllotalpaGraduate in reply to Jundal

In fact, I am yet to find a smartphone that would be more appealing than my ancient Nokia 6300. I need a phone to make calls and text, and it has to fit into my pocket. For wasting time on the web, I do have a tablet, but I am not going to run with it!

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JundalGraduate in reply to Gryllotalpa

God no, those things are expensive! Plus a Nokia 6300 is classed in some countries as an offensive weapon as it can be used in certain situations to club someone to death. And afterwards you can phone the emergency services too, cos it isn't going to take any damage from anything less than Putin and Trump slugging it out with nuclear weapons!

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Yep... I tend to run without headphones... everyone gets my music briefly as I pass!

Well done with the run, enjoy your next one.

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I don't mind initially. Then can get annoyed with it. Still for the programme it's done for now. Soon looking forward to trying to run no headphones. Just timer. ☺

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Just memorise the runs and do them naked...just using your watch for timings... or get a Garmin or suchlike and set the timings for each run...

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