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Love to run Valentines Quest week 5 - Feel free to join

Hi there and welcome to week five of the:-

Love to run valentines quest

Please feel free if you want to join. We are all about being inclusive. Just pop a post underneath with your name and what you are hoping to achieve by the weekend of 15/16 February 2014.

It could be times, distances or just an amount of runs a week. Whatever suits your own capabilities.

We have some newcomers this week so welcome to everyone

I hope the running is going well for everyone.

It has been so good to read everyone's progress. I know some of you are coping with difficulties but we are all In it together. So here is to another week of running and let's hope its a good one.

Tinyrun has suggested we mark the end of the Quest somehow, before we move onto the next one. So I was thinking we could log our greatest distance run that we have done throughout the quest. One distance will be taken for each person and they will be added together. We are all at different levels so it's not a competition. My furthest so far this quest is 3.2km

I thought we log a run from say lands end to john o groats, across America or Paris to Dakar. (or any suggestions) each quest I will log our Km's and move the route along. That way we are all collectively running the same route and everybody is involved no matter the distance.





























Happy running and take care

Rfc x

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I have missed a run this week!!!! I had to go a collect some stuff off ebay and now I am waiting in for a kitchen fitter and am missing another run, so that will be two in succession if he doesn't hurry up. I broke my lace on my trail shoe so I have to run the roads now, when I do finally get my shoes back on. It's frustrating when life gets in the way. Grrrrr


I feel your frustration. I do find it funny though nowadays how it is such a priority and it's the first question thats in my mind when I commit to things. Got to be good for us in the long run. Hope you get out soon.


I went for my run early morning as I had a doc appointment. Run was ok "ish". Sort of feeling like iron is coming down again. Anyway upshot is I have to have a little operation in a couple of weeks. One of my first questions was when can I run afterwards. She was very understanding when I said I need definite instructions otherwise I will be prone to going out too soon. So she has said no running for 5 days and only if walking or swimming are not having any effect can I run after that. Bummer it's right in The middle of jantastic so I think you get 2 jokers and I will need 3 or maybe even 4. Don't know whether I will be ready for sports relief either on 23 march as the op will be on 22 feb. So, losing so much training. My good news will be that iron issues should be a thing of the past so it will be onwards and upwards afterwards.


I'm sure it's very frustrating now, but hopefully after your recovery from your op you'll be able to push yourself more because your iron and energy levels will be where they are meant to be. Hope all goes well.


Hi Rfc Sounds like a magic op if going to sort out iron prob Frustrating not being able to run but hopefully all good after that Just do what dr says Wishing you well


Sorry to hear about your op, rfc, but I'm glad if it will put things right. It made me smile when you said that one of your first questions was when can you run afterwards! This running lark is so addictive :)


Ooh that really is a bummer. But in the long run that's good news. You are going to have to work hard on focussing on that. Sorry.


Hope all goes well with opinion and you are up and running as soon as you are able. Just make sure you follow doctors orders and don't do too much! Take care


I've not run for 2 weeks now because of a cold which developed into a chesty cough. It's a bit more chilly today and wet out, and I found myself coughing when I was walking, so don't think it very sensible to push myself to running just yet. Perhaps if it's dry I'll manage a "proper" walk tomorrow, and hope to try some gentle running by the weekend. I've got a dvd of not-too-energetic exercises that I keep thinking I should do to try to keep myself a bit toned, but to be honest the couch is awfully comfy right now...


Sorry to hear your poorly RNBeiruit Sometimes best to listen to your body and just curl up on couch Hope you feel better soon


Your right not to push yourself too fast too hard. Virus's have a nasty habit of coming back again. I hope you get to walk a bit this week, that help boost your immune system by still getting those endorphins running about. Hope you heal soon. Thank you for the kind words.


Yep another one that has to look at the bigger picture. Look after yourself now so you run better later.


I bet you'll be like a new woman after your op! You'll be like Wonder Woman!!! Oooooh

Faster than a speeding bullet. LOL Seriously, fingers crossed that all goes well and that you'll be running shortly afterwards.

Still waiting in for the kitchen fitter, and getting more and more frustrated. Doing lots of outstanding little jobs. Tum ti tum


Isn't it great to think that we are all now so running focused. I'm sure some of us would have welcomed the occasional delays to our run, but now we just see them as darn right annoying. . Go us. :-D

Realfoodieclub I like the idea of doing 1 longer distance run in this Valentines Quest. That'll give me an incentive to do it. Good luck everyone.

Will do 3 out of 3 runs again this week.


I know so many of my attitudes have changed for the better with running. Also every doctor I see they write down the website of the program. My consultant wants to get back into running as well so she was very interested. Good luck with your 3/3 this week.


My workman never turned up!!!! Grrrrrrrrr. I went for my run, on the road as my lace snapped on my trail shoes, in the dark! Tsk I did well and only had two one minute walks when I was supposed told to. Yay! Felt really pleased with myself.

I shall look on one of the off-road running sites to map my run to let you know how far I went


Ooohhhh that bugs me when they do that. Sounds like you put your frustration into your run. I am glad you got out in the end even if your laces weren't behaving. Thank you for your kind words


I checked on goodrunningguide and I did 7.59 km. Woohoo! I'm chuffed with that


Last week 3 runs went as planned --or almost

1st run - 40 mins instead of 45 so I could make Pilates class on time Should have got out of bed sooner

2nd run - meant to be longest yet of 6 miles and doing fine till battery ran out on phone Help! Help! Really threw me as so wanted to know if I could manage that distance and didnt know if Nike appy thingy would record run or not Anyway just came home and Hurrah 5 1/2 mls recorded so not total disaster

3rd run - parkrun and 5 secs slower than last wk PB Didnt think I had been that fast so pleased .....then thought if only I had gone just wee bit quicker .... Then thought its not life and death only 5 secs

Lessons learned = runs like life dont always go as planned

= savour the moment and don't stress about 'what ifs '

= it's good to have goals and to stretch yourself but more importantly to enjoy your run And do you know what ? I am loving my running !

So next week going to repeat same runs and hopefully improve on results - but if not wont beat myself up

Good luck to all fellow questers


Wow sounds like you are doing really well. Your right about stopping yourself stressing over little bits. Strangely enough it is easy to stress over a few seconds. But I agree we must never forget that we can have fun. Thank you for your kind words.


Previously I'd made a very odd sort of progress towards my Valentine's Quest goal of 3x 5K runs as I'd been getting out there but running shorter and faster. However on Sunday, I realised that I had to make a start on doing the distance again. Realfoodieclub, I covered 5.3k as I didn't get the audible 5k marker so carried on to run the full hour. It was a nice run - lots of deep puddles, some climbing over fallen trees, and I managed to avoid being tripped up by sneaky brambles. Listened to the Gardener's Question Time podcasts. So 1 down and 2 to go over the next ooh 10 days.

Did Ekhart Yoga's Running Recovery video later which was lovely and just what I needed as the ill feeling had hit me.


Hehe 5.3km when tech failure works. Well done you. Sounds like a nice run as well. I will look at that yoga as it might be something that is good for me.


I like the idea of joining all our longest runs together - great idea!

I had a not-so-good run and a good run last week - in fact, it was the longest I've been able to run for a while, covering 4.79km in 35 minutes - so close to 5k! Perhaps I'll be able to do 5k in the next week or so, although my original goal of getting back up to 5k regularly might have to be saved until the next Quest. Fingers crossed!


4.79km is great you are building up. Better to look after your body. That's the conclusion I have come to on upping my distances. Like they say it's not a race. Thank you for your kind words


Loving the idea of our longest runs being joined together! Sorry to hear you are going to be having an op RfC hope all goes well with that. Also sending out the love to others who are injured or ill at the moment, look after yourselves and take the time you need to get better.

Last week I did 4 runs. My husband is starting out ont he programme again and I have done 2 runs with him and two longer runs on my own. Because he is a faster runner than I am (jhas much much longer legs!) then I am really speeding up on the week 1 run 1's. I noticed my own runs were faster as a result. Plan to do four this coming week two. Well, already done one this morning which was a mixture of doing the week 1 run 1 with Davie then carrying on myself for anther 15 minutes or so. Be interested to see how it goes. When do you need our longest distance RfC?


Well I'm two runs into 4.85 so one more to do before another 10% increase. My quest doesn't seem to fit into weeks very neatly because I'm running every 2 days but hey ho onwards & upwards. I've got used to running under the cover of darkness. I'm looking forward to the longer days but going to have to get over my self consciousness again.


Don't worry waletta, please. I run mostly offroad and the only people about are dog walkers generally speaking. I did some road running last night (very dark) and people are only interested in what they're doing I think, so don't give a toss about us. Enjoy your runs and don't let the thought of being spotted spoil it for you.


Oh! I forgot to add. To get the best of my trail runs I have just ordered a new pair of trail running shoes. I am so excited. Hope they have them after all that as it's taken me ages to track down a pair.


I know you are right & I got used to it last time but I was running in disguise then (old pair of trousers & t shirt). Now it's leggings & "jaunty" running top. As you say people are more interested in themselves so I'm worrying about nothing. Great news about you trail shoes - enjoy.


No runs for me this week, as I overdid it and injured my thigh. I'm definitely on the mend and all being well, will try a short run tomorrow. Once I've built back up to 5k, I'll start the B210k podcasts. Obviously, doing my own thing was not a good idea as I didn't stick to the 10% rule and got a little over confident. This time I will make sure I build up my distance/time gradually.


Hope tomorrow's run goes well for you. Sometimes is hard to reign our enthusiasm in.


Thanks Waletta. Yes, I learned the hard way that I need to stick to the warm up/down walks and take the stretching seriously and not try to do too much too soon.


I think I need warm down more as I don't really. I don't ache the next day either but I know that's only because I'm so slow and not because I'm fit. Realfoodieclub - I hope your operation goes well.

It's nice to feel part of a club here & on Couch to 5k.


I over did it and ended up with an injured ankle and was out for 3 weeks!

I did a short run today, in the pouring rain I was warm enough though once I got going. I ran for about 20 minutes. I wanted to mix up the distances having run a longer one

Good int it! Good work Team Valentine


I ran this morning. Week 3, Run 3 of Sami Murphy Bridge210k. Week four next! Wowsers

I ran in my new trail shoes and got them really filthy. The trail was horrendous this morning. Just thick wet mud which was like wading through treacle.


Done 2 runs this week. 1st was awful. It was muddy & I was attempting The speed podcast. I thought because it was shorter I'd be okish at doing it. Like you Misswobble, I felt like I was in treacle! I gave up early. Shockingly my splits were worse than when I do slower and longer runs. Well I'm trying The Bridge one now. I was recommended to try running between lamp posts to speed these legs up, so I'll mix my runs with that too.

How is everyone?


Hi, i have done my second 5k run since i posted that distance as my quest, hope to do one more before valentines day just so i know i really can do it! Now have the advantage of a garmin forerunner 10 which was brilliant today! Thanks for arranging the quest and i love the idea of mapping the distance!


I keep,looking at the garmins. I can't justify it yet it's my carrot. Sounds like you have licked the 5km well done. I know what you mean about the checkin out its real run though. It's like we don't fully believe until we keep doing it.


Pretty much on target with most runs being 8k plus, including one 'shocking' run of 13.1K!! Shocking cos I never ever thought I had that kind of distance in me! Mind you, the next run was a disaster and ended up being a few very,very short runs; I just couldn't maintain any sort of pace or distance but I put it down to not being fully recovered.

I haven't been doing 3 runs a week as the weather has really got to me and sometimes I can't face the cold, rain and wind - bad enough on their own but combined...! So, I've done a lot more on my cross-trainer including some HIT sessions. Who'd have thought the Countdown Clock would be ideal for timing those?

I've signed up for the Bristol 10k in May, so I'll be glad when the weather settles down and I get back to 3 runs as it would be fantastic to beat my PB in my former home city.


I know what you mean, I can do the rain but with the wind it's like you've got a real fight OnYour hands. 13.1 km Wow. No wonder your body was a bit tired afterwards that is quite a step up but good for you, what an achievement.


I've completed my runs this week, although the bad weather meant 2 were shorter than I would have liked. My long run was 8.5 km this week. Was hard work in blustery winds burbs did it.

I love the idea of adding our runs together and making a route that we've created together. Looking forward to finding out where we've run to. :-D


I think for all of us getting out there In This weather is gold star stuff well done. 8.5 km that's fantastic.


I have done my 3runs this week. Also have done a maximum distance of 5k. However I was so slow that I will not be tackling Parkrun any time soon. After all, those volunteers want to pack up and get their coffee in well before lunch!

I am not doing too well on conquering the need for walking breaks either. Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

Love the idea of adding our runs together. I wonder what the distance will be?


Well done on your three runs. You know the worst thing I think I did was look at the longest times for my local park run. Like you I think I put myself off. But I am convinced one day it won't matter to me and I will just turn up and do it. Everybody I have talked to has said don't worry everybody will wait and make you feel like you have just won the marathon. I need more distance but from what I have heard don't be too put off. Your doing well. Haven't got anywhere near 5km yet still struggling at 3.2 km.


Hello, I hope I'm doing the right here to join this group. I've started running again after a bit of a break. So I've just started Wk6 of C25K. Going great at the moment ran 2.61 miles, just getting back into the swing of map my run so will change to KM once I get organised. Thanks for organising this, really appreicate it.


The good news is you have nothing to lose by joining so you have done the right thing. The main thing we are about is supporting the group to achieve their personal goals whatever they are. Welcome on board your name has been added


Brilliant Thanks : )


Thanks for running this rfc and hope you'll soon feel much better. I've enjoyed the quest/jantastic and both have pushed me out the door when the wuss in me wants to go back to sleep so that's the biggest success, plus have kept injury free & been better about stretching (two things probably connected!). Sounds like a good plan to join up our distances, I should get at least 6km in (my jantastic target for next week).


I ran and "out and back" run this morning. A short one which I attempted to run a bit quicker. I think I ran the first run a bit quicker than usual but the return leg was a bit hard, which is to be expected as I am 56! I am mixing things up a bit to try and speed up, and am going to try the running quick between lamp posts etc. Good fun innit! I did some stretches and yoga when I got back, neither of which I've done before so new lessons being learned all the time.

I just pulled some exercises off the internet and tentatively had a go.


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