Love to run Valentines Quest week 3 - feel free to join

Hi there and welcome to week three of the:-

Love to run valentines quest

Please feel free if you want to join. We are all about being inclusive. Just pop a post underneath with your name and what you are hoping to achieve by the weekend of 15/16 February 2014.

It could be times, distances or just an amount of runs a week. Whatever suits your own capabilities.

We have some newcomers to the quest this week, so welcome to everyone.

I hope the running is going well for everyone.

Down in the south we have had lovely spring like weather which has been so nice to run in but I think a change is in the air again, I suppose it was too much to ask that winter had finished.




























Happy running and take care

Rfc x

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59 Replies

  • Just managed my three runs last week by doing two in a row on Saturday and Sunday. Luckily, Sunday was a beautiful day so it wasn't too much of a hardship to go out in the sunshine. :-) I did 2.9 miles running and 2.3 miles walking yesterday, which should help me to start building up my distance again after a gentle couple of weeks. I'm sure I wouldn't have gone out and run if it hadn't been for these challenges. Thanks again Rfc. Looking forward to this week now and hoping I might squeeze in an extra run or two , as I'm now 'unemployed'. Roll on the spring sunshine!

  • Great news on your three runs. I am with you on building up the distances you have a good distance going there. I hope the unemployed status is short lived if that what you want? Enjoy your running in the meantime.

  • After a week of interval running with a little hill training. I have been working on my times this week. I am now back to running 20 min non stop after the enforced iron break. It is good to know my levels are good. I am going to stick at 20 min this week as I want to learn confidence and running with ease. I am slow but I think my body likes a bit of comfort. I am working on the principal that taking the time now will mean when I get to 5 km (eventually) it will be an easy run and then I can start training properly with a good solid base level.

  • Well done you two! Yes, it's certainly been nicer weather for running in hasn't it? I'm still hampered by the floodwater though, so it's still laps of the fairly soggy cricket field for me at the moment. However, I did my two runs last week. I had to cut the first a bit short as my knee wasn't happy, but second time around it was fine and I managed 26 or 27 minutes before boredom set in! Same plan for next week - two half an hour (ish) runs. With a bit of luck the waters will subside and I may be able to run along the canal again! Hope everyone else has had a good week!

  • I hope you floods recede and you can get back to it. Wise to look after your knee if it's niggling.

  • OK, I'll go for it. I've got out of the habit of longer runs but by the middle of the year I am hoping to make it to 10K (previous longest run is 7k) So my Valentine Quest is to complete 3 x 5K runs.

  • Hi there and welcome on board. Your name has been added.

  • Just two runs again last week, but the second one was great - down on the sea front and I managed 10km, which means I'm half way to meeting that goal of doing 10km twice during the quest. The other one was the speed podcast, but work got in the way of fitting one in earlier in the week.

    Hoping for 3 runs this week.

  • I ran again today. I did the Stamina podcast and managed to finish it ok

  • I must have a go at the stamina. Well done. Good luck

  • Running by the sea sound fantastic. Glad your getting to you goal. Good luck

  • Hi rfc I am still following bupa 10k plan and did 3 runs last week. Didnt do park run but instead ran 1st muddy hill x35 mins, 1x 40 minand 1x4miles (which longest I have run continuosly ) So feel pleased with that mix This week hope to do 1xparkrun, 1x40min and1x 50 min. Be interesting to see what effect mixing up runs has on parkrun time

  • Okay so this morning I wrote a post all about moderation and working towards my goal in a suitable time frame. Scrub that. Tonight I have signed up for a 3 mile run for sports relief. Any further quest goals are about getting to the weekend of 23 march and running 3 miles? I am a bit batty you know. Hehe.

  • Good for you. I'd like to sign up for something 'official' but don't think I'm quite at the right place yet. If I get through the next month or two without any setbacks then I think it will definitely be time to commit to something.

  • Not the best of weeks. :( Nuff said.

    Will try again next week!

  • Sorry to hear that, hope it all picks up for you x

  • I hope you're hanging in there Markee.

    Ran today by listening to a non running podcast & it kept my mind off running a little, which can only be a good thing. Will only be able to do some exercises at home this week but better than nothing. Realfoodieclub - thank goodness that you started Couch to 5k then.

  • There are a few here that swear by running to podcasts. All exercise is worthwhile. Hope you have a good week.

  • I'm happy with my progress on the Valentines Quest. Started listening to my own music this week and enjoyed my 3 runs. Loving the mild, sunny weather on Sunday, I ran for almost 45 minutes and covered 7k. I was SO pleased with myself I've been telling everyone who will listen!! My Quest was to start the B210K, but I'm doing my own thing at the moment and gradually increasing the times/distance, so still feel like I'm on track. I'm planning to run 5k tomorrow morning and will try to concentrate on going faster.

  • Sounds like you have definitely nailed this running lark. It's nice when you get to your own music . I am sure you will nail the 10k no problem when you are ready.

  • Pleased again this week. I did 4 runs. 2 hilly, 2 flatish, a 4 k, 2 x 5k and 8.1k. Trying to build up distance and stamina. Haven't done the stamina podcast. What does it entail and do you think I'd find it useful?

  • I haven tried it yet but I think there are some On here that have. Sounds like what your doing is working well done.

  • Stamina podcast basically gradually ups the bpm to steadily increase your pace and lasts 35 minutes. I definitely found it useful, stopped me slipping back into dreamy mode!

  • Not such a great week to be honest but managed to drag myself out three times to keep my Jantastic pledge. One good thing came out of it - on Sunday I decided to do a very short run just to make sure I could log it for Jantastic, but then I decided to tackle a nearby hill. Felt pretty good so ran down the other side and did it again. I still kept it short - only 15 mins running but it was quite a work out. Wouldn't have done this if I'd been aiming for 5k or more, and I have to admit I enjoyed that feeling of achievement getting to the top.

  • I know what you mean, just trying a few hills last week switched a button in my brain and spurred me back Into running continuously. I think it was, if you can do something that feels this hard you can run easily. Well done for for pushing out there and coming back with something positive,

  • Well done all you brave hill tacklers :-) I ran 4 times last week, so well on target, kept up my strength training which I find a chore but is a necessity if I don't want to end up out with an injury again.

  • Four runs that's good going well done and for keeping up with strength. I agree the things we have to do to avoid injury. But ultimately all healthy in the long run and definitely better than the couch.

  • I got a new take on injuries, reading 'Running Like a Girl' the author writes that running can flag up existing bio-mechanical issues we would have faced at some point anyway, it gives us the chance to deal with them sooner. Had never thought of it that way before but makes sense, so yes we are all healthier in the long run and not on the couch. :-)

  • I so agree with that, basically so far, learning to run has highlighted a very dangerous thyroid problem and very Low ferritin stores both of those would have gone on to cause major problems. Probably saved my life already, thats why I am such a big fan. I will look at running like a girl.

  • Those two issues must really have hampered you, good for you keeping your running going throughout. The book is a fab read, can't recommend it enough - made me want to get my trainers on and out the door.

  • I ran "Stepping Stones" podcast with Laura today and really enjoyed it. I had a minute's walk though at 10 minutes stage!

  • Had a great run today. Managed 5K for the first time in a couple of weeks. It's amazing what a bit of sunshine can do! :-D Got the strongest urge to go out and run again now, lol. Won't though, as that way lies injury. May just go out again tomorrow if weather continues to be so friendly.

  • Well done on your 5k. I know it's been hard lately. Look after yourself. Bring on spring.

  • Useless 1st week& ended up with 2 lots of antibiotics so didn't post. Sorry. 2nd week so much better. I've increased my distance by my first 10% & am really enjoying "running" again. Great to read everyone's posts. Good luck for next week.

  • Glad you're feeling better Waletta. Legion the nights are getting lighter and I'm sure lighter than they have been in previous Januarys. Has anyone decided if they are going to do something special on the weekend of 15/16 February 2014 to celebrate this quest? Shall we do something together? However, I'm working, so I'll have to do something the day before.

  • Thanks Tinyrun. I'm not brave enough to do a park run yet but maybe I will be by then but it would be nice to all do something like Nerdio suggested Christmastime with the boxing day run

  • If you would like we could click the Km's so to speak. If we all put our distances down we could have a collective run total. That way every quest we could aim to bring the total up by either new recruits or running further. That way everybody could run over Friday to Sunday say and any distance would be welcome so it wouldn't matter what level you were at. I will mention this on the next weeks quest post. Thanks for the ideas they are always welcome.

  • I like this idea. A fun way of something to work towards. (I'm not sure if that's English but it really is past my bedtime.)

  • Realfoodieclub do you mean we have 2 types of plans to get our km's up in each quest? So plan 1 is to be achieved by all of us by the end of the whole quest & plan 2 is for us to have a collective run on the last weekend of the quest, or if not possible the last week of it?

  • I'm sorry you haven't been too well. I am glad you are picking up a bit, onwards and upwards hope your recovery continues. Take care.

  • Thanks Rfc. I recently read your updated profile & know I have nothing to moan about. Inspiring & I love the fact that you don't let anything stop you.

  • Thank you, I think stubbornness is my middle name hehe.

  • It sounds like everyone is doing well - hooray! I was on a business trip this week but took my kit with me and had chosen two London hotels based on their proximity to the Thames :D The first run was fantastic - over Tower Bridge, up past the Clink, the Golden Hind, the Globe, over the Millennium Bridge and back down to the Tower of London - fab :) Someone else had chosen the Paris hotel and the area was grim so couldn't get out there, but on my return to London I did my run in reverse. Sadly, it was rubbish - the first time was early on Sunday morning so although there were other runners it was fairly clear. My second run was between 7:45 and 8:30am on Wednesday morning, so loads of people walking to work plus loads of really speedy runners, so I ended up walking about half of it. Never mind, it was a great place to run and I loved it. Roll on next week - back to plodding round the town!

  • Wow you are Inspiring me to go and have a run round the town I live in. It's true what they say the grass is always greener. I look at the posts in here running through fields and think aren't you lucky. Shame on me. Glad your runs went well.

  • Look at you Anniemurph running on a business trip. :-) I noticed 1 runner today running at a slightly awkward angle and another running so smoothly it was effortless. I can't imagine what I look like. Including my fast walk today as part of my 1 of 3 exercises this week.

  • Believe me, I don't look in shop windows as I pass :D Great to do a fast walk as well - well done!

  • Ah thanks Anniemurph, that keeps me going. Realfoodieclub, I think the same when I hear about people running in fields. 1 day I'll venture further and then run over our beautiful bridges at night.

  • Not quite sure how this works but I have been eyeing the right hand side 'Quests' posts with interest so here goes! I'm trying to get over my 5k and get out at least twice a week. Even 5.5k would be good at the moment so I'll aim for that. I'm post injury but need to push myself as Comic Relief and Race for Life beckon and I want to be able to run them easily! :-)

  • I am signed up for comic relief as well, 3 mile. I have never hit that distance before. Look after yourself post injury. Welcome on board your name has been added. The quest works by each week there is a new thread put up and we can all touch base with how we are doing. I will put next weeks up on Monday.

  • Woops, forgot to post my update. Did my three runs, one of them got up to 6k. Was a good week!

  • 6k brilliant. You are going great guns well done.

  • Ha, I was... not so great this week. But did 31minutes today and then stopped. Felt I had had enough. Freezing up here so that might not have helped. Thanks for the encouragement though!

  • Only managed 2 runs last week as we were grandchildren sitting. However am up for 3 this week and am planning 2.5mile run tomorrow despite the horrible weather forecast. :-(

  • I am sure grandchildren sitting has you running around in a different way hehe. Hope the weather holds out for you.

  • The rain did not arrive till this afternoon so i got my run in without getting soaked. Yay!

    It is so true - I am far more exhausted after grandchildren day than I ever am after a run.

  • Hi, rfc, how are ya?

    Busy with our Jantastic challenge! also doing runningbug's #timetorun (but I don't know WHAT I was thinking of, saying my target was 10 hours of running in 4 weeks. I'll never do it! Specially with dark mornings and working lots of evenings . Insane.) Also doing the NHS Change For Life New Year's resolution (walk/run/swim/gym daily). But I welcome another challenge, in the shape of the Valentine Quest.

    My goal is to continue running 3 times a week, fitting in extra if time and the weather allow me, and to do 1 Speed/ Fartlek + 1 long + 1 stamina (hill training) run each week. Plus to do some more Parkruns - I did the one on 14 December and loved it - maybe join the fantastic team of Marshalls who encouraged me and others all the way round.

  • Hehe you have well and truly caught this fitness lark. Good for you, you will only have positive results. At least here you can use everything you have already signed up for, for the quest. Keep us posted. Welcome onboard your name has been added.

  • I ran my third run this week. I ran along to Speed with Laura. Hmmm can't say I was very speedy but I did it, which is the important thing

    Onwards and upwards.

  • Back on sami murphy bridge podcast today. I had to run on the road today as the trails are saturated. I ran just under 5 k but with 2 short stops to catch my breath.

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