New quest week one.- The Run for Mum Quest - feel free to join the collective virtual run.

Welcome to the Run for Mum Quest week one.

I choose this title because the end of the quest is on Mothers Day. Like the quest it can be personal to you. You could run for your Mum, you could be running for yourself as a Mum, you could be running for someone who is like your Mum. I personally am running in Memory of my Mum who would of loved to see me conquering this running lark.

The quest will run from 17th February 2014 until the weekend of the 29/30 March 2014

Please feel free to join. We are all about being inclusive here, so whatever your ability is, you are welcome to join. We set a quest every six weeks and in that time we pledge to try an achieve a goal that is personal to ourselves.

For example my aim is to be running 4km by the end of the six weeks. You could pledge the amount of times you want to run a week or the time you want to run for each run. There is no competition in the quest it is all about helping each other to achieve our personal goals.

Every week there will be a new post for us to all talk to each other

If you would like to join in at the end of the Quest, we take the longest distance run of each person and we are doing a virtual run from John O Groats to Landsend. So all our collective totals from each quest are added up.

To join all you have to do is add your name in a a reply to this post and I will add you name to the quest.
































Good luck and take care


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  • My goals for the new quest are to be at the level of fitness I am now, after my my op. If I could run 4km that would be fantastic but I am listening to advice and I have made promises to friends and family that I will not push myself before I am ready. Strangely enough I am finding that this old dog is actually learning new life lessons from this running lark. I have always been one to jump before I have looked properly but being able to keep going is to important to me, so I am finding I am actually learning a little patience in life. Who would of thought it. Good luck to everyone and thank you all so much for your well wishes for the weekend.

  • Hi rfc thanks once again for organising the quests. I will be aiming to run at least 3 times a week including a 5k and a long run working up to 10k ready for my 6 mile comic relief run on 23 March.

    Good luck to every one with their quests.:-)

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  • This quest has come at a perfect time for me as I am on wk 8 and wondering what life after c25k holds. I will set my goal as being able to run 4km. I think I'll manage about 3.5km when I graduate so managing 4km 4 weeks after should be doable. These quests are a great idea! Am also going to start posting - I find so much motivation in the posts I read, they frequently get me out if bed and into my trainers, so it's time I returned the favour. Running for my sis who is a young mum but still managing to find time for the odd jog for herself.

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  • Hi RFC

    Would love to join up the new quest! My mum is lovely but sadly has dementia and now has to live seperately to the family in nursing care. She still gets to come out and about with us but its obviously not the same as before. We always used to walk a lot with her and my lovely dog"Ruffdog" who passed away in July, she was always so moblie so its sad that she can no longer walk. Think she would be pleased that i am trying to get fit. I'm going to aim to be able to run 5k and complete a park run without walking(that may take quite a few weeks!) I'm currently on week 7 of the plan. Doing my first parkrun this coming weekend............. Ali

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  • I'd like to set my goal as 10k by the end of the quest (currently at 6.5km), and keep at 4x per week. I'd like to run for all the mums I know young old or in between, lots of inspiration for me there.

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  • I'd like to join please. My quest is to run 4k without walking and without my heart rate going sky high. I can do 3.5 at the moment, but it's taking time to get that distance up

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  • Hi, I'd like to join in memory of my late mum who would be amazed at me running. Also for myself as a mum and my daughter who is also starting to run. I completed wk8r2 today, very slowly but proud and surprised at coming this far. My targets are to graduate (next week!) then work up to 4k and to complete Sport Relief 3miles on 23rd March without too much walking or too much embarrassment. Thank you for organising.

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  • Hi Rfc, I'd like to be part of the quest though, because of the floodwater, I shall probably have to man the refreshments table for the time being! My goal will still be to work towards a comfortable 4k and also to be able to RUN the traditional Sport Relief mile at my son's school rather than walking it as I have in previous years. So there's my link to Run for Mum too! Will be thinking of you this week Rfc. Don't forget now, slow and steady wins the race!

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  • I'd like to join! I'm a mum so would like to do it for myself. My aim is to have finished this plan by then and well on my way (or doing) my first parkrun. I'm currently on Wk6 R2 tomorrow.

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  • Hi Rfc, count me in please !

    I aim to run 3 - maybe 4 times a week,alternating the Speed and Stamina podcasts and one minimum of 5K run ,hopefully increasing that by 10% each week or two to get to 7K or a bit more maybe.

    My lovely Mum will be 80 in July. She underwent chemo for non-Hodgkins lymphoma nearly three years ago- made a great recovery and now is down to just six monthly one coming up quite soon.She lives alone, does all her own cooking,cleaning etc...she's brilliant.I'm doing this one for her x

    Good luck for Saturday x

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  • I can't imagine what my Mum would have thought about me running, as I lost her over 15 years ago, but she was a keen walker. I'd like to run a race supporting Alzheimers research one day, in her memory. The main reason for me starting to run in the first place though was because I am a mum and I want to be around, fit and healthy, for my children, and hopefully grandchildren one day. Sometimes it helps to be reminded why I started running, and I shall be thinking about that to encourage me during this quest. :-)

    My goals for the next six weeks are to run at least 3 times per week, gradually working my way towards running 10K. I don't think I'll manage 10K in the next 6 weeks, but I'd be happy to get to running 8K once a week. I also want to run more hills. :-O Well, when I say want... I think it would be beneficial to my running and fitness, so I'd like to make sure at least one run a week includes a 'proper' hill. Right, I've committed myself to making the effort now. ;-)

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  • Hi,

    My aims are to get as far through the plan (currently on week 5) as possible and nail my new route!

    I'm going to do this for my friend and my nieces grandmother who has just been given 2 yrs. to live. She has leukaemia. At this point in time there are four generations to the family and I know they will celebrate every day together.

    S X

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  • This is such a brilliant idea - I will join in if tomorrows trial jog goes to plan. Good luck everyone :)

  • Good luck with your run tomorrow. I have added your name as part of the quest as now we have a hydration bench for those who want to be part of the quest but are injured. Effectively they take care of the hydration stops on the virtual quest. You can take yourself of the bench whenever your ready but you can always be part of the quest.

  • That is an amazing idea, thank you so much! So lovely to get to be included! Thank you!

  • I'd like to join in memory of my lovely Mum who I lost nearly two years ago. She would have been amazed to know that I was running! My aim will be to run 3 x 5k each week.

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  • I would like to run for my mum who died suddenly sept 2012 and for my 2 lovely daughters and daughter in law who are wonderful mums to my grandchildren

    My aim is to run 3x week and to try and increase time for 8k

    Good luck to everyone with this quest

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  • My goal will be to run 6K. Ha I can't imagine that as I have only run 5K a few times. However, slow and steady increments should get me there by Mothers Day.

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  • Yes, please, count me in! My goal is to run 5k. (I think that's been my goal for the last two Quests, but hey!)

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  • I'm in.

    My goal for the Valentine's Quest was to run 3 5Ks (towards a June goal of 10K) I managed 1... but I am just back from my first 5K of the Run for Mum Quest so I have already equalled that. Yay! So 2 more 5ks, and let's say one 7k as that would equal my longest distance yet.

    Running for myself as a mother as successfully completing the Quest would be a really nice meaningful gift (and my teenage sons don't take any notice of Mothers' Day, sniff)

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  • GoogleMe, I was just thinking that I should plan myself a nice running day out for Mother's Day, as I can't see my sons planning anything and my daughter is busy at uni. Maybe we should make a mums' pact to 'do it for ourselves' this Mothers day. :-)

  • I'm in! This is for my wonderful mum ❀. Caring, supportive, loving and giving. She has an amazing strength and personality and I love her with all my heart. For all the mums out there wherever they are. Much love to them. ❀

    My goal: To run 3x a week and I shall attempt Bridge to 10 k! Yes I've said it here folks. 3x and my first try at 10k. Eek!

    Go Team 'Run For Mum Quest'!

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  • I love this site & am proud to run with you all & for all your mums & in memory of your mums. One day I would like to run for Alzheimer's too, but not just yet. So for this quest, to lead up to that run, I'm aiming to be out there 3 times a week. One interval, one whatever I fancy at the time but at least 30mins & one leisurely longer one with the hope at hitting 7k by journey's end(or should that be new beginning.) Thanks for all the inspiration Rfc & you Questers. :)

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  • I'd love to join the quest please.

    I want to run for my mum who suffered a catastrophic stroke last October. I want to run because she is stuck helplessly in a hospital bed and I know that would make her so angry. When I told her earlier this week that my running was going well (W4 done - nearly half way) she had that look in her eyes which was a delighted proud smile. There are only tiny fragments of the strong, creative, loving and inspirational woman I am proud to call my mum. I want to run because I can't do anything of any use to help her but I know she would like the positive feeling of moving forward and being part of something bigger.

    I aim to be on week 9 by the end of the quest, if possible, but to at least run 3 x a week.

    Thanks for coming up with the quest, it's a lovely idea.

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  • I would love to join this quest too..

    I am just about to start Wk3 run 1...

    so my goal at the end of this quest would be run 3x a wk and able to run 20mins ...finger

    I'm doing this for my Mum..who passed away 13yrs ago..she would be fair tickled pink with me doing this.

    and my 2 beautiful daughters as well who are fantastic mums..x

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  • Thank you RFC for organising- I would like to pledge to run a minimum of 15km per week so 90km in total at end of the quest.

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  • Please add me in. Currently on W3 but aiming to progress rapidly. I should be W9 by the end of the quest. My target (if not quite a pledge) is to run 5k in 25 mins by the end of March.

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  • Please add me! I've lost my mojo somewhere and I need to find it! Did the 5x50 with all the lovely people on here last year (Hi everyone!) and it was really motivating so this will hopefully get me back on track. My running started to tail off in November and by New Year I wasn't running at all. I had a good chat with myself this weekend and dragged myself out last night. I managed 3.8k and no aches today so haven't lost too much fitness.

    My lovely Mum, who I lost 23 years ago would be astonished that I run, I was the one hiding behind the bike sheds having a cig during PE at school!!!

    My quest? To get back 3x5k a week and finally drag myself out of bed on a Saturday morning and go and do a park run.

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  • Please count me in - currently building up my times/distance after a little injury. I'd like to continue running x3 a week and get to 5K again. Then, all being well, I will start the B210K. I'm taking it slowly this time and aim to enjoy my runs.

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  • 1 run done this week for Run for mum quest.

  • I've been out in the sunshine today and done my second run of the week. It's clouded over again now so I'm glad the sunshine drew me out on what was going to be a rest day. Hoping to do my first parkrun this Saturday. Nervous and excited at the same time. :-O

    I've just realised that Mothers Day is on 30th March, which is also the last day of Jantastic and the first day of 5x50, so it definitely sounds like a day to plan for a nice run. :-)

  • I would also very much like to join this quest. I would like to undertake this quest in memory and celebration of my own mam who died suddenly last year and to her mam, my 'grunny, who died at 95, 11 years ago. I loved them both, they were both a joy to be with and always saw the best in people. They would have been so impressed with me running and I miss them both. That said I am so lucky to have had them in my life. Some lovely mum's out there eh?

    Oops nearly forgot to add my quest. Which is to run 4 times a week. One shorter run, two 5k and one longer run. I hope to get up to 7k by the end of March.

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  • I did my first run this morning and think this is a great idea. In 5 weeks I aim to have completed week 5 of the programme (I have joined this a bit late) so hope to be able to run for 20 minutes - seems pretty unlikely but I will try! alibye

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  • Joining this a bit late, but that's because I haven't done much running recently. I did run twice this last week though, and think a bit of accountability might help.

    So my aim for the coming weeks is to run 3 times per week:

    1 x stamina

    1 x speed

    1 x longer run

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  • Did my first parkrun today and it was great. I only wish there was one closer, but I definitely hope to get to a few more parkruns in the future. Maybe I will make a monthly parkrun one of my goals for the next quest.

    Thinking of you Rfc. Hope all is going well. xx

  • Well done Legion. You'll be running to it by the end of the year.

    Realfoodieclub - I hope the op went well.

    Alibye - Good luck.

  • I have completed my runs for this week and ran 23km (3x5km and 1x8km) so above my 15km weekly target- I managed to get an extra run in as it was half term, next week will be more difficult - enjoy your running everyone x

  • Please add me to the quest.

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  • Please add me in memory of my mum, who at 70 years old was still climbing hills. I'm 67, doing C25K, and want to be as fit as she was. I think she'd be proud I'm making this effort.

  • Welcome on board your name has been added. If you would like to click the pinned post on the right for the week 4 quest your name is there, feel free to post.

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