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Love to Run valentines Quest week 6. New quest starting Monday 17th

Love to Run valentines Quest week 6. New quest starting Monday 17th

Hi there and welcome to week six of the:-

Love to run valentines quest

We are in the final week of the Quest. So on Friday I will make a new post so we can log our best personal distance of the quest or our best achievements. I have decided to make the first joint quest run from John O Groats to Lands End. When all the distances are in I will mark the route on the map.

The next quest will start on the Monday after this one and will run until weekend of the 29/30 March and will be called The Run for Mum Quest as it will end on Mother's Day. I lost my Mum a few years ago and it is one of the reasons I started running so its a tribute to all mothers out there, Run for Mum can be whatever you want it to be for you, so whether it's for yourself as a Mum, in memory of your Mum, for someone who was like a Mum to you, or even a " told you I could do it Mum" let's run for Mums.





























Happy running and take care

Rfc x

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Hi Rfc, just shedding a wee tear as I read about the next quest as my own lovely funny mam died last March. I will be proud to run for her...


Know the feeling, we will run with pride.


What a lovely idea. I'll proudly run for mine. Even at 84 she could jump over my head. She has always had a can do attitude. She is now 93 but has Alzheimer’s. She is the only totally unselfish person I know. You can't help loving her. Most people do. So I'm doing this for my "can do" lovely Mam.

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Wow what a lovely idea!


Thanks for map Rfc can't wait to see how far we have all run This week managed all runs but sat was bit strange Didnt sleep well on frid -felt grumpy in morning and prob for first time really couldnt be bothered running and questioned what was the point of running at all but went to parkrun and thought i wouldn't bother with speed and just aim to complete it Anyway was 30 secs slower than pb and was annoyed i hadnt tried harder Then thought how i would run it next week Oh looks like enthusiasm is back Love name of next quest It will mean so many different things to each of us who join the quest ThAnks again Rfc for coming up ways of keeping us focused


Great idea for the next Quest, RFC - let's hope I can do better for mums everywhere than I have done on the Valentine's Quest!

My goal in this Quest was to get back to running 5k but I'm afraid I haven't managed it - partly because of the weather and partly because I am just not doing that well with my stamina at the moment. Never mind - that's the great thing about running, you can always get out there and try again! Happy running everyone :)


I managed 2 runs last week, after having to stop for 10 days with a thigh injury. (So annoying as I'm struggling to get back to my speed/distance). This week I'll be happy if I get back to running for 30 mins x 3 and will think carefully about my goals for the Run for Mum Quest . It's early days for me in this running game, but I've learned a useful lesson - I need to build up my distance and speed gradually. I'm looking forward to hearing about everyone's best achievements at the end of the Valentines Quest. Thanks Rfc.


Still didn't manage any runs last week, but this afternoon I decided it had become a habit and that I just had to get out there are do "something" - not much admittedly, but something was definitely better than nothing. Looking forward to being a bit more consistent in the next quest!


I ran 5 k this morning. Wooohoo! Well chuffed


Got a fair few sub40 5ks under my belt now, PB is 37:47. Love the idea for the next quest. Brilliant! Thank you for doing these, it is very much appreciated :)


Managed a 40 minute treadmill run last Thursday and a 6k run outside last night! Hoping my mojo has returned. It's been shocking weather wise in Sussex (as with most places) and I don't mind running in the rain but the wind - dreadful! Whips your breath right out of your mouth! Only 5 weeks till the Comic Relief run in Brighton so I NEED to keep going! Love the idea of the Run for Mum. My Mum has just turned 81 and is awesome in every way :-)


I am still in with a chance of completing my quest. Body been telling me that 5K is not prudent so I haven't attempted again (but did do a lovely 35 minute run and some walks and yoga), but two more running opportunities before 14th February is over.

I like the idea of a Mother's Day finish line for the next one - although not sure yet what I should choose since my mother takes a dim view of yet another member of her family running.


I managed my four runs last week, including a long run of 6K, two 5Ks and a short run with some hills thrown in. This week I haven't run yet and am lacking motivation. The first thing my son gave me when I came back from a long weekend away was his cold! :-( My intestines have also been acting up, so I'm feeling a little under the weather at the moment, and the constant rain is just too off-putting. I'm hoping to find the energy and enthusiasm to get out today, as I now only have five days to squeeze four runs into. I may end up doing two on one day, when the mood strikes! I've also started doing the 5:2 diet (as of last Thursday, my first fast day) and today is a fast day, so I may need to go for a run to distract me from thinking about food. ;-)


I did four runs last week too. The longest being 5.6k and one was week 1 of the c25k with my husband. The other two were 5k and a bit shorter. Enjoying the mix and feeling very motivated just now. Partly because I am fitting clothes I haven't fitted for ages- lost half a stone these last 6 months solely through running and am in much better shape but also the weather up here in Edinburgh has been better than usual for February.


Hi Lizziebeth I almost feel guilty our weather in Edinburgh has been so good -apart from today Really admire all those down South who are still managing to run at all Pics on TV news look absolutely dreadful conditions Great news about your clothes


Didn't realise you were from these parts too. Do you do the parkrun? I've not done it yet as I usually go to yoga on a Saturday but yoga is off on the 1st March so might brave it then...we'll see.


Ive done 10 parkruns now Am slow and come in the last doz folk or so but quite happy as love it Send me a message if you decide to do 1st --you should --and ill try and meet you


Fitfor60 well done on all those parkruns!


I think we are posting this week's run in the wrong place. Oops

I ran Sami Murphy today. Aprox 8.6 k I thought I had another 18 minute run to go when she told me that I'd finished. I nearly fainted with shock!


6k again last night in a storm! It was awesome!


So how do we sign up for the Run for Mum thingy, then xxxx


I will be putting a post up on Monday morning. Please feel free to reply to the post and your name will be added and you will then become part of the quest.




Hi I ran twice this week 4.5 km well chuffed nearing that 5km mark. Springs nearly here : )


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