Run for Mum Quest week 3 - Feel free to join

Welcome to the Run for Mum Quest week 3

Please feel free to join. Here is the original post that explains what it's all about.

All you have to do is reply to this post and ask for your name to be added.

I was a bit quiet this last week on here. That doesn't mean I wasn't reading all your posts. It sounds like everyone was doing well and getting out there. It's great too see everyone supporting and encouraging each other. Also it meant so much to me to read all your messages of well wishes as I recovered.

































Good luck and happy running.

Rfc x

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  • I am back. Whoop whoop yay. Went for a little run yesterday. Only 2km and 16 min but everything felt ok and not pulling or pinching. So I will be trying to do 3km this week and back to running. 3 times a week. I am not allowed to swim for another 2 weeks due to possible infection but I might try and get the bike out if the weather stays nice. I have a decision to make about sport relief. I would love to be ready to run 5km on 23 march but I think it will not be possible, so I think I am going to devise a run walk schedule that I can complete the race with. Happy running to everyone and thanks again for all the wonderful support.

  • Glad to hear you are on the mend RFC and managing to get out and about. It sounds like there is no holding you back.

    I had a good week last week completing all 3 of the week 6 runs successfully and am looking forward to this week too. best wishes.

  • Thanks, Well done on you week 6 runs good luck on your runs this week.

  • I'm getting there as well! Managed 3 runs and have upped my distance to over 4k in 29 minutes. This week should see me back to 5k and then once I've done 3 x 5k runs, I will start the B210k - I can't wait!!

  • 4km in 29 that's good going, better than me. Good luck with the 5km this week.

  • Had a bit of a wobble last week, but got through it. Running 3 times a week from now on, and hoping to introduce some cycling soon, as I'm doing a sponsored bike ride in May (and haven't been on my bike for months, possibly years!). :-O

  • Glad the wobble didn't do too much harm. I know what you mean about the bike. I have 15km to do in august and am a terrible cyclist. I am waiting for the nice weather, but will definitely have to get out there soon. Good luck with the three runs a week.

  • I've been out twice a week since the start of this quest. 5km for one and the speed podcast for the other. Falling asleep on the sofa after work isn't helping me to get out the door for that third run though! I really need to get some early nights in!

  • 2 is better than none and a good distance, Well done for getting out for those. I always feel slightly in awe of those of you that run later in the day. I drag myself out of bed and out the door in the morning, I feel far too comfy at night.

  • Well, I have to be out of the house and on my way to work by 7 in the morning, so not much of an option there!

  • I did my 3 runs this week and managed 5.5K so I seem well on target for my 6K run. But it was hard work and sooo boring. I felt a bit tired all day and a bit down that I found it so difficult. I've been graduated for well over a year now but it never seems to get any easier! :-(

  • That's a shame. I wonder can you vary your route. I must say also, even though I am still quite self conscious at times, one of my most pleasant runs was in daylight amongst the dog walkers of all things (I'm nervous of dogs-very). Everyone was so pleasant & never short of a greeting & it made my run for me. Hope it gets better for you anyway.

  • I think we all get days and runs like that. I am sure that the good runs don't feel so bad. Maybe your body is just a little tired, give it some TLC and see if it perks up. Happy running.

  • Hi christian1. Can you try varying your runs a bit? I always find new routes help, or maybe running the reverse of a regular route. You could also try running with/without music for a change, or I like to listen to an audibook. I felt like I wasn't improving for a couple of months, but I've found that mixing up my runs helps there too. Maybe try doing an intervals run (hard work, but good for improvement), a long slow run and a short fast run each week. We have to keep on stretching ourselves. I also became aware that whilst running didn't seem to have got any easier, it turned out that my pace had improved. Trying to run slowly now, so that I can run further, takes some thought! Good luck and happy running. :-)

  • Glad to hear you're back out there RFC. I think a 5K run by 23 March sounds ambitious but the walk/run seems like an idea. Go steady out there.

    Well I'm afraid I didn't run at all last week. I was going out straight from work Tuesday all buoyed up from the week before & my computer crashed in the middle of a job application that had to be in that day. Eventually got home really late & the week went down hill from there. Managed to convince myself that the pain in my hips & knees was getting worse (all in the mind) but I have been out for a short run tonight and that didn't aggravate anything so I think I'm probably a bit neurotic at times. Planning on picking up the batten this week, so hopefully I'll have a better report next week. I've rambled - sorry.

  • Thank you and you ramble away that's what we are here for. It sounds like you were coping with quite a bit through the week. Draw a line under it and start fresh this week. Hope it gets better for you, good luck.

  • Had a good week, managed 4 miles , 4 runs and my first parkrun where I managed 5k in 33 mins and 2 seconds. Had a wee run in oban today and hoping to manage a run on the isle of Coll in the next couple of days . if I get there - fingers crossed the ferry runs in the morning.

  • 33.02 that's fantastic well done. 4 runs in one week as well you really are going great guns. Enjoy your scenic runs

  • I did all 3x runs this week and managed to sneak extra 30 min run up a hill so pleased with running week. But been overeating last 2 weeks and feeling bit sluggish so need to try and get back on track as worried I slip into bad habits again . Glad you back running rfc Good luck to all questers

  • I find that with the running I pick up on bad eating habits so much faster than before. It's amazing how we are primed now to feel at our best. Sometimes it does us good just to kick back for a wee while. I always prefer a bit of good and bad In moderation when it comes to food hehe. Good luck and thank you,

  • A mixed bag for me as the fatigue is ruling the roost and I did actually socialise for a few hours last week and I can't exercise and socialise it would seem :-( *However*, I've done a couple of runs. Lovely to be out in the sunshine. I had a first too - I ran with another human. Just 20 minutes due to time constraints and we really set off a bit fast for sustained running (my running partner wasn't aiming to run continuously so she ran and walked randomly) It was also all relatively hard surfaces (trail) and my legs have had something to say about that since. But I often find the way to sort it out is to go for a gentle run.

  • I've never run with anyone before. I bet it feels a bit strange, I suppose you get so used to being in total control over pace. Hope the gentle run sorts out your niggles.

  • Yes, I've been a very private runner, so it was quite odd. We were quite a sight as we both did the 'stealth runner' thing, getting out of the car and whipping off our skirts and swapping smart knee length boots for running shoes... and then doing the reverse when we got back to do a sedate lunch.

  • Coming to this a bit late but can I join in please?

    I haven't yet graduated from the C25K and have been finding W8 pretty tough - mentally more than phyiscally. I think part of my problem was that I got a bit complacent in W7 and stopped going running so regularly (kids being off for half term didn't help either).

    So my goal for March is to run every second day wherever humanly possible. On 31st March (Mothers' Day) I am doing the Bournemouth Bay 5k to mark my graduation from the C25K program, and hoping that will round things off nicely!

  • Welcome on board your name has been added

  • Had a bit of a wobble this week in that I went backwards again due to my breathing being terrible :( However, I've done the sensible thing and I have an appointment with the asthma nurse tomorrow afternoon - not sure whether to sneak in a run tomorrow morning and see how it goes! Anyway, I'm a bit nervous about not having made any progress towards this Quest's target, but I guess there's still time for me to get some solid runs in. And isn't it nice that the weather has picked up a bit!

  • Don't stress I am sure you will make progress. The weather has been so much better here but for some reason I seem to of got a bit of hayfever a bit early. I think all these thinks are out of kilter at the moment. Good luck with the asthma nurse.

  • Busy week last week but did manage 3 runs - a couple of slightly disappointing 3ks and a better long run of 9k. Glad you are on the mend rfc but make sure you don't over do it. Take care and happy running. :-)

  • Thank you I will try. I find it hard to imagine any week with a 9k run In To be disappointing, but I suppose the more we do the more the harder we become on ourselves. To me it sounds like your doing well. Happy running.

  • I seem to have hit my goal early :) I ran 4km on sunday in 30mins and 8 seconds, running non stop so I need to up my goal, and I dont know whether I should up it to running parkrun without any walks or if thats too ambitious by the end of march? Oh well, Ambitious can be good. Lets go for it and see what happens :)

  • Well done, that's really great. You'll know yourself if your ready but I would caution getting used to any new distances before upping them too quickly. Your body will let you know. Happy running.

  • i'm not going to push it, i'm just getting to enjoy running now after 7 months, so dont want to do anything to put me off BUT tonight I went out for a run and in 30 minutes did 4.04km!! woohoo :) that means I ran half a km more in 30 minutes than when this quest started

  • I did a speed run yesterday. I have to say it was hard work but exhilarating. I came home huffing and puffing but boy did I feel alive. Just did three sort bursts. I will defiantly be doing one of those every week. The last burst was the hardest and I actually shouted out loud at the end. But I don't feel conscious about that sort of thing anymore when I run. Hehe I know I am a loon and proud of it.

  • That's brilliant! One day a week now I'm going back to week 1 of the podcast, and for the running bits I run as fast as I can and for the walking bits, doing a slow jog. That, if nothing else, has shown me how far I've come

  • Well done Realfoodieclub. I had some school children say 'keep going' or something like that the other day. They thought I couldn't hear because I had my headphones on. I smiled and kept going. I've been put off by the speed runs as I feel like I'm running in treacle.

  • I've avoided them as I thought I wasn't good enough yet. I just did three spurts within my run. I felt a child like burst of achievement went with them, well worth the effort. Happy smiles all day yesterday.

  • Good on you Realfoodieclub.

    Did a run today. Finding it hard. I really enjoy supporting and motivating others, but find it hard to motivate myself. May be I'm just lazy, as I have no injuries etc. I read about all these pb's and being in the zone, etc but am just not getting that myself. Will do another run this week. The weather is lovely though.

    Good luck everyone.

  • Awe don't beat yourself up too much. Your definitely not lazy. Twice I have felt that elusive zone each time it only lasted about 5min but strangely enough they both happened when I had walked out the door not expecting much. A few weeks ago I took some time out and stopped looking at my watch and my distance. I just ran when I felt like it, walked and the ran again. I find that sometimes it's good to do a fun run and say to yourself anything goes. We have a habit of putting too much pressure on ourselves. Enjoy the weather and happy running.

  • Thanks Realfoodieclub. When I hit that zone I'm going to tell the world. Okay may be not the world but you know.

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