Love to run Valentines Quest week4 - feel free to join

Hi there and welcome to week four of the:-

Love to run valentines quest

Please feel free if you want to join. We are all about being inclusive. Just pop a post underneath with your name and what you are hoping to achieve by the weekend of 15/16 February 2014.

It could be times, distances or just an amount of runs a week. Whatever suits your own capabilities.

We have some newcomers this week so welcome to everyone

I hope the running is going well for everyone.

It has been so good to read everyone's progress. I know some of you are coping with difficulties but we are all In it together. So here is to another week of running and let's hope its a good one.

On a side note has anyone noticed the like buttons that have started to appear at the bottom of posts. I think it would be nice to use them here, if we fancied.




























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  • My running is coming on well at the moment. Last week I signed up for sports relief. I have put myself down for 3 miles. So I have worked out a program to have myself up and ready for that. I am currently at 3 km. But every run is getting better. I am well and truly over my iron issues and I am starting to feel a bit more relaxed when I run. My next task will be to find a route without too many hills as my distances get further as every way out my front door has a hill. Or may be I just have to bite the bullet and do proper hills as part of a run.

  • So glad to hear your your iron issues are sorted out. You are doing really well, glad everything is working out.

  • Glad you feeling better and sounds like you enjoying running I think you sound in right frame of mind to tackle a hill !

  • Glad to know it's going well. Hills? still like a dirty word to me - They(slight inclines) crease me every time.

  • I did a decent run yesterday, approx 5 km, which I was happy with as I only had two little stops. I'm back on to running Sami Murphy Bridge to 10 k so will be increasing distance run each week. Not looking too far ahead to the goal of running 10 k as it seems an awful long way off at the moment after getting back to running after injury

  • I am sure you will surprise yourself with your 10k. Good luck with the increase.

  • Well I started off the week with such good intentions, but my run on Wed never happened as I was feeling exhausted. Then on Thurs I realised I'd got a throat infection/cold/something, so it's probably as well I rested. Upshot is I now haven't run since last Monday, and as my cough seems to be heading to my chest I might not get out for a good few days yet. It's all a bit frustrating as everything had been going better, but better to get well first I think before I get out there again.

  • Poor you. I think you are definitely right about getting well first though, hope it doesn't last too long!

  • I am sorry you've not been well. Give yourself some tlc and I hope you pick up real soon.

  • yes rest is probably best. Throat infections can knock you for six. Look after yourself.

  • Did my three runs last week, all 5k or a wee bit over. Two of them at the slower end of my spectrum but I enjoyed them which is the main thing. Would still like to get below 34 minutes but it seems to be evading me :)

    My February's goal on Jantastic will be to increase my distance to 6.5k. Not every run I hasten to add, just to be able to run that distance by the end of the month. Seems a big challenge, but fingers crossed...

  • I am going to try a similar increase 3 k to 4.5 so like you it does feel like a big challenge I am only at looking at 0.5 km a week so that seems more manageable. Good luck.

  • Glad to hear you've had such a good week Rfc. I managed both my runs as planned. Still having to do laps of the soggy cricket field which is very strength sapping and pretty tedious, but I've increased my time and distance slightly on each run which is gratifying. Feeling a bit debilitated this weekend, so we'll have to see how this week pans out. The flood waters here have receded considerably over the last few days so hopefully I'll be able to get back to some proper runs soon! Hope everyone else had a good week!

  • Thank you. I hope everything drys up for you soon. It must be a bit monotonous running round the cricket pitch. Let's hope the sunshine comes back soon.

  • Really pleased with running last week 1x40 mins 1x50 mins(longest time ever) and new PB of 35.12 at parkrun Haven't done parkrun previous 2weeks but am following 10 k plan and wonder if faster time is due to increasing time I am running and also including hill run during week Plan says I am supposed to run 10k on thurs !!!!!! Seems really far but ill give it a go Good luck to everyone on this quest

  • Well done that's really good going, I think running longer distances does help us get faster with the shorter ones, so you will reap the benefits.

  • 40&50 min that sounds great you are really going some now. I am thinking about doing some specific training now to work on stamina and speed. It definitely seems to be working for you. Good luck

  • Thanks Rfc I quite like the variety and also following a structured plan again

  • I had a good week mostly, running 4 times, but think I over did my strength training as I have achy calves - it was the star jumps that did it! :-O Taking it easy this week, but hopefully will get out tomorrow as don't want to let my jantastic team-mates down.

  • Ooops I hope your calves recover soon. I haven't done star jumps for years. Last time I was at school and my gym teacher said you land very quietly for a big girl. Took me a while to work out it wasn't a compliment hehe. Hope your muscles ease up soon. A least with this weeks jantastic you can still take it a bit easy if need be. Take care

  • Good for you notbad running 4times week and star jumps ! I had sore glutes and hamstrings last week after new Pilates class and wasn't sure if I could run at all on Sat but once I got going the legs felt fine so maybe your calves will love a run too

  • Well I hit my sub 40 5k, so set the challenge of doing it 3 times and I did! Now to get 3 in a row :)

  • Sounds like your times are going well. Good luck o. The three in a row

  • No progress towards getting the 5Ks in... except that I am getting out there and running. It was an interesting experiment to do a run on pavements but I won't be repeating it.

  • I have no choice pavements only for me. It is a positive thing being out there three times a week. I firmly believe if you do that everything's else will fit into place.

  • I do count myself very fortunate to have a wide choice of lovely places to run nearby and the means to get there. I suppose not everyone would be as happy knee deep in ice cold water as me, but I take my hat off to you pavement pounders.

  • Notbad - well done on the star jumps! Fitfor60 well done on the parkrun time, that is great. I'm aiming for 3 runs this week of either 5k's or mixing it up with the speed podcast.

    Has anyone decided what they are going to do for the end of the Valentine week / weekend run? If possible I think a virtual group run would be fun? :-)

  • Sounds like you are getting a plan together for your training. I am still working on a collective thing for the end of the quest. It has to take everything into consideration. Not everyone has distance monitors. But watch this space. Thanks for the input and good luck for the coming week.

  • It looks like everyone is making progress :) I had one fantabulous run, one okay run and one solid run this week. I'm not sure I'll be up to 5k regularly in a couple of weeks' time so I'm a bit nervous about that. The fantabulous run was while I was staying in London - I ran over Tower Bridge, up past the Golden Hind, past the Globe and over the Millennium Bridge, then back down past Billingsgate and the Tower of London. One of the best runs ever! The solid run was back at home, where I managed 25 mins of running covering 3.37k, so you can see why I'm concerned about getting to 5k. I'll do my best though! I must admit, the weather is hindering progress a bit.

  • I am in the same sort of place just a bit slower than you. I did 3.2 km in 25 min. I have signed up for 5k march. I am aiming to add in 3 min every week until the race. I think that I might manage that. Good luck with your increase.

  • Hi all you Valentine's Quest runners. You all sound as if you're going great guns! I have been road running in the past few days as my trails are flooded. I ran round two of my local parks instead and up and down the road in between. I'm back on Sami Murphy Bridge to 10k Week 2. I have felt a bit as if I'd not been progressing but my run today was better and I managed to finish it, albeit knac*ered! I might move on to week 3 next week. Woopidoo!

  • I've been managing my 3 runs each week and did my second 7k in 45 minutes on Sunday. I noticed the front of my thigh wasn't feeling quite right, but it felt better today so I planned to run just 5k which is my shorter run (!! did I just describe 5k as a shorter run??!) Anyway, I ended up running 6k and my thigh niggle has returned, only worse. I've taken ibruprofen and will rest for a few days. All the advice I've read says it's better to miss a couple of runs and let my muscles heal, than ignore the problem and do more damage. I've been very lucky as this is the first time an injury has stopped me running.

    Hope to be back running in a few days. Take it easy everyone!

  • Hehe I know what you mean I describe 3k as a short run now, who would of ever thought, I hope your thigh is feeling better, your right to give it a rest. Hope the rest of the week goes ok.

  • I ran 4 times last week, 2 were hilly 5ks. I set out on my long run on Saturday to be attacked by a hail storm 5 mins in. My OH came out in the car to find me so only did just under 2.5 k. On Sunday I did 6k, a bit disappointed as my next target was 8.5 but I couldn't run my usual route so had to improvise.

    Doing a 7 k race next Sunday, my first one. A bit worried because it's cross country and I'm used to roads. I'm expecting lots of mud and possibly some slipping over!

  • Lovely that your oh came to rescue you. When you say next Sunday is that this coming one or the one after? I am sure you will ace it but would love to be giving you a virtual cheer along from the quest members. Happy running.

  • It's this coming Sunday the 2nd. Judging by the weather today it's going to be very muddy!

  • Just think of us thinking of you and smile. Just been running like a girl & she reckons that cheering crowds are a great help.

  • Well done everyone. Well last week I managed to increase from 4k to 4.5k (I'm aiming for distance not time but it's taking me about 32mins) & I now have managed to maintain it for 3 runs (every 2 days). So this week I'm aiming for another 10% 4.8k. Okay I know that's a bit short of 10% but that's my aim.

  • I am doing the increases as well. I have opted for time as my running distances seem to be a bit erratic. I found out today I run slower in rain, who would of thought that. It sounds like you have an achievable distance increase that will protect your muscles. Happy running.

  • Thanks Rfc. I'm probably a bit overly concerned about injury so trying to go steady & it's a bit late to worry after the event. I do push myself a bit by using week1 to run in the walk bits & to run a bit faster in the run bits. I think Crox suggested this a while ago but I may have made that up. I don't manage this completely but I have Laura's encouragement which I love, Really enjoying it again. So glad you set up the quests.

  • Hey are you ? Sounds like we have exactly the same targets and are at very similar stages. I'm doing the 10% incs each week

    too( have had a small hitch with knee problems,though nothing serious) which will take me to 4.8 ... although I did a 4.9 last week ( by accident !)

    Your times sound good...I'm concentrating on distance too, but am a bit slower than you though .Still , this time of year and in such conditions we should pat ourselves on the back for getting out at all :) Happy weekend !

  • Lovely to hear from you Carolecal. To be honest I speeded up a bit because I wanted to do the distance but don't always have the time but my speeds do vary. Sometimes I'm very slow. We are about the same. I did 4.85 on my last run & really enjoyed it even though it was cold & dark. I thought when I came home well perhaps I'll do 5k on my next run but I'm going to stick to the plan 10% for 3 runs before increasing & hopefully avoid injury. Good to hear you're out there too & nice to be about the same point. I still remember your excitement as you came up to graduation & then your graduation post. I still can't quite believe we are running & I love reading all the newcomers' posts. It reminds me of how fantastic it is. You have a good weekend too. Sorry for rambling but catching up is good. :)

  • I seem to be having a great week so far (as far as running is concerned - not so great for getting my tax return finished! :-/ ). I didn't go out until the evening on Monday so I could get on with the dreaded TR and various other urgent jobs. When I did go, I plugged myself into my audiobook and set out gently to see if I could go a bit further than the 5K furthest I've done previously. Surprised and delighted myself by doing 8K and felt like I could have gone further, but it was getting rather late. Legs ached when I stopped running but a good stretch and a bath eased them.

    Went out to do 5K this morning and it was quite an effort, then decided to see if I could do an extra 0.5K, got confused and did an extra 1K (my Garmin is set in miles and doing math while running is almost as challenging as blowing your nose!). That's my second longest run ever, after Monday's 8K. No aches after this one either. Looking forward to having a go at some intervals and/or hill work for my next run and maybe one more gentle run to round off the week. Quite sure I wouldn't be doing any of this if it wasn't for the motivation from these challenges.

  • Seems like you have found the way forward again. It's great to hear, you are really clocking up the distances. Your right to have a good stretch after an 8k that was a fantastic distance. Happy running

  • Thanks Rfc. My knees, which have been great these last couple of months progressing through the programme again, have been a little grumbly this week. For their sake, I must try to keep building up gradually. I really can't wait for the spring and the long hours of daylight. I'm looking forward to the floods abating and being able to have the occasional day out to do some long runs/walks and enjoy the countryside. :-)

  • Fantastic running Legion! Well impressed.

  • Legion you are racing ahead. Vikicats good luck in the race. Well done Waletta. As for me, I think I've just realised that I missed a circular loop on 1 of my runs! Silly me. When I saw I had gone faster I did think it was odd. I could understand missing a lap on a running track, but on roads! Doh.

  • Thanks Tinyrun, I can understand the missing loop. I sometimes think i AM the missing loop as when I run after work, I find I sometimes get lost. I put it down to my time of life or my age but if I'm honest, I've always been a bit directionally challenged. My mum used to say that we hadn't been out if we hadn't been round a roundabout twice. You just need to line up your excuses.

  • Directionally challenged - I like that. We are both the same than. It's just so odd that I missed one of my runs around the block. How lazy does that make me? I'll have to push these legs and my mind a lot more. :-)

  • Not lazy. It was just a tinier run. Fitting really so I'm sure you're allowed. Anyway I'm glad I'm not alone.

  • Hi Rfc and all the Valentine's great to catch up on everyone's progress. I've been aiming at 10% increases every week in a bid to get back to runs of 5K and further since my knee problem and last week my target was 4.6. Well I got out three times and covered 4.2 ,4.8 and 4.9K ,so I'm happy with that .

    As my usual track and all the fields are flooded, it's all on the roads,so I have been wearing my knee support for a few runs now - except for yesterday when I forgot and couldn't be a***d to go back for it-and this has helped quite a bit.

    Thanks again for coming up with this brilliant pricks my conscience and I swear it's the only thing that gets me out sometimes ! Happy running all :)

  • I am glad it's helping you. It seems like you are getting the the end of your injury now thankfully. There are so many having trouble with flooded runs. I think its great how everyone finds a way round the weather, just shows dedication. Happy running.

  • Been struggling with the weather, decorating and family! Excuses, excuses! Managed a 5.5k run out last Tuesday but couldn't get going again till last night - and then I had to do 30 minutes on the treadmill as the weather when I got in from work was so ghastly. I did have a go at upping the speed in the last five minutes though. I'm amazed at how I can keep going on the treadmill even though I don't find it easy and it's soooooo boring! I need to knuckle down to my two runs a week. Must do better!

  • Your still out there (or in there). Keeping those muscles going. I know its so hard when the weather is like this but I am sure you will find your rhythm again. I know what you mean with the treadmill I find I don't know were to look. Happy running.

  • I had everything ready for my run this morning and was lacing up my shoes when one snapped. Grrrr. Those elastic jobs! I had to try and tie it but with hardly any spare to play with. Da*mit! Got outside and it was SNOWING!!!!!! Rotten eck! It's hard to run, keeping your eyes on the horizon when it's snowing I can tell you. LOL I did Week 3, Run 1 of Sami Murphy Bridge to 10 k. New podcast, new music. Bit hard but I finished it. Puff, pant

  • Well done for getting out there Misswobble & Jenwrenarm. Carolecal - this quest is 1 of the main reasons I do my runs. Did a run today and did not forget to do my last lap! Yes pat on the back for me. :-D I've improved a small amount so that is pleasing.

  • Hi Tinyrun...sounds like you are doing great . Yes, this quest is quite the kick up the derriΓ¨re that I need to push me out the door. I've got to fit in two more runs before Monday and I have been looking out at the dreary day and using many delaying tactics...but I know I'll go eventually ...and feel better for it once I'm back .I'm certain that my many and varied delaying tactics would win if it wasn't for this quest. Happy running :)

  • Today's run was terrible, but I still went out. I didn't manage the whole run. I sort of had a feeling before I walked out the door. I only dragged myself out of bed because it would mean I would have two days off before my next run. I never feel like that. I think I have been upping the cross training over the last few weeks and my body is a bit tired. So will have a couple of just walking days ready for a run on Monday. Oh and might have a swim this afternoon.

  • Sounds like a wee rest is in order - you went out though so good on you for that! Take it easy and I am sure you will be energised again by Monday.

    I was so physically tired yesterday after running, walking a few miles, working and looking after my grandson for a few hours that I could hardly go up to my bed. Had a rare sleep though :)

  • Once again I only managed 2 runs this week due to unexpected dental problems for my mother intruding into my run schedule. However I did manage my 10% increase and did 2.75 miles today.

    It was freeeezing cccold in the east wind so was pleased I managed to keep going when my nice warm house was beckoning. And glad to have been out before it started raining. So nice to run in the dry even though it was cold.

    Unfortunately I still found myself taking more walking breaks than I wanted. I'm really trying to shut my ears to that little gremlin that tells me I need to walk. If I can ignore him through the bad 30 seconds or so, I can keep going.

  • Well done for keep going out there. I have found that those first gremlin are kept in their place if I slow right down. I have found they are actually there to warm me I am setting off too fast and now that I listen to them I find the start of the run a bit easier. Also there is no difference in My overall time or speed by doing it. It might be worth a try. Saying that, me and distances are not best friends yet but it is getting better. I have told myself it is one of those relationships that take time to build but when it happens there will be no tearing us apart. Good luck.

  • According to Garmin I ran 45.6 miles in January (an average of 1.47 miles per day). I'm really pleased with that, especially since I wasn't well at the start of the month and have been in a slow recovery. My goal for February is to run even further. :-) As February is only 28 days long, I calculate I need to run an average of at least 1.64 miles per day (based on 46 miles/28 days) which is 11.48 miles per week. I'm thinking something along the lines of:

    5K (3.11 miles) x 2 runs, at a steady pace

    6K (3.74 miles) x 1 run at a gentle pace

    2.45K (1.52 miles) x 1 run, intervals or hill work, to build stamina

    So far, I've managed to stick to my resolution for this quest of doing 3 runs per week. As I wasn't well, I kept my goals simple. I think I'm now ready to make that 4 runs a week (so I can also hit my distance target). That does mean that I won't always have a rest day between runs, so I've got to work out how to organise these 4 runs. Any advice/suggestions?

  • This week I did my first ever race - mostly off road 7k. I finished it and wasn't last! Quite slippery in places so had to walk some of the muddier uphill sections. Feeling quite pleased with myself! :-)

  • Well done. I am not surprised you feel pleased with yourself, it is well deserved. I hope you have a nice treat planned for yourself tonight.

  • Yes - been out for fish and chips. It was lovely!

  • Well done Vikicats & Legion. I've completed my 3 runs of 3 this week and enjoyed my last run once I got going. Did I say enjoyed!

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