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Run for Mum Quest week 2 - feel free to join

Welcome to the Run for Mum Quest week 2

Please feel free to join. Here is the original post that explains what it's all about.

All you have to do is reply to this post and ask for your name to be added.
































Good luck and happy running.

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Hi there everyone

The operation went well, thank you so much for all your kind words and thoughts. You all would of laughed at me, as I came round from the anaesthetic, I was taking about the forum here and babbling away to myself as if I was talking to you all. The nurse said it sounded like a nice forum and wanted to know all about it. I really am officially obsessed now, I think. As I write this it's lovely out there and I am on an enforced running break but I don't think I could go for a walk today never mind a run but hopefully by this time next week I will be ready. Also another thing that came out of Saturday is they want to increase my thyroid meds so this might also help with the energy and the longer runs, fingers crossed. Happy running to everyone.


So glad your op went well, and as for talking about the forum as you came round, wow but that's impressive! :)


Glad your doing well.

Take care of yourself



Glad to hear it went well Rfc. :-) Also glad to hear that you're still hooked!


So glad it all went well- so nice of you to be thinking of us too!


Glad you're okay. Now you've got another convert into running. Imagine how many more patients and colleagues the nurse could tell about the programme. At least you weren't talking about something private. ;-) Try to enjoy the break. May be you could focus on some indoor strength training this week.

Me: 1 run this week. It was so slow, I almost stopped. I've started the Bridge to 10k, so I don't know why I was so slow, because you stop every 10 mins. Already feel deflated about it. Oh well.


So pleased to hear the op went well and it sounds like you entertained and educated the staff whilst 'under the influence'. Interesting about your thyroid meds too, hope that does help with your stamina/energy when running.

One part of my quest is to run 7k...well I went out today with a head cold and did 6.5K - my longest run to date. I am one happy woman!


You're a running evangelist even when you're under the influence (not drink). Glad to hear it went well. I've managed my 2 short runs & at the weekend did 5.8K. I know that's small fry to some but to me it's B' marvellous. :)


Glad all went well rfc hope you feeling 100% soon. Managed 3runs as planned For some reason I was 30 secs slower than previous week at park run and although disappointed I am almost coming to accept that slower runs happen for no apparent reason - and it's not the end of the world . Snuck an extra wee run in this afternoon -- am thinking about entering 5k race but it's up a hill and so far only run on flat So had wee practise on route Did 2mls in 24 mins Had to walk quite a lot and although hard think it doable if I practise hills Good luck to all questers


Can I just check where we log our runs for each quest? For this run, 'The run to mum quest week 2', I presume it starts on 24th February and we post what we've done for this week on this thread, until 2nd March 2014. Is that correct?


That's right. Each week there us a new post to chat with each other. Week 3 will be put up next Monday 3rd And so on.


Well, I was brave and hopped on a bus in all the glory of neon Lycra! Oddly enough no one else got on :D The point was though that although I can't drive I took the bus up to the next station on the Tissington Trail and ran back home. I got a bit confused and somehow set Mr. Endomondo to do a 3k timed something or other, but I had a great time so it was a good start :) I feel quite confident about getting back up to 5k with this Quest.


What a great idea.


Thanks, Waletta - my options are a bit limited at the moment but this might keep me from being bored!


Glad your op went well rfc.

I shocked myself by doing a 3.3 miles run last week. This was extra brave of me as the end of the run went along the busy main road that runs through our village. I still hope no-one I know saw me. It's very silly I know. Anyhow, being a circular route, it was less boring than my usual out and back. I think I will brave the traffic - and possible notoriety - again this week. :D

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I got to the top of the hill today. Very slowly but I got there. I managed to cover 1.8 miles which isn't my best but It's better than my last run. I'm looking forward to totally smashing it sometime!

Advice please.... I can add pictures to my messages but not on my profile???



When you click on your own name on the green bar at the top there will be a drop down menu with 'profile'. In there should be an option to upload a profile pic, add something for your 'about me' etc.


I only managed two runs last week, but I've already done 2 for this week (I start counting my week on Sundays). Gradually increasing the distance and time and hope to get back up to 5k by the end of next week, then I'm determined to start the B210k. I know we've had a lot of rain, but I feel I've got off lightly for my first winter running as it hasn't been too cold here. I'm really looking forward to running in the Spring!

Glad your operation went well RFC and look forward to hearing your progress.


My goal for this quest was to run 4km without walking and without my heartrate going sky high. I could do 3.5 when I started, and tonight I did 3.86km in 30 minutes. I am very pleased with that.


2nd run done this week. Initially kept looking at the clock and thinking the time couldn't go any slower. I than realised I wasn't looking at the time but my pace! Silly me. Didn't follow the Bridge to 10k today but ended up doing my longest run.

Christian1 - I prefer not to be seen either.

Good luck everyone.


I did my 4 this week and struggled a bit at times, on one run I ran past my son's very strict and unapproachable headmaster as he walked (very purposefully) to work - I had a horrible feeling he was going to shout "pick up those knees" at me... Finished this week on a good Parkrun - not a PB but a new years PB, so very happy, my piriformis is behaving itself too after another flare up.

Glad to read all is well RFC (your story made me smile), take care and look forward to getting back out there. :-)


Hi everyone, my goal is a distance one to run at least 15km a week- this week I have smashed it as I did 20.7km! Yay! Not sure how next week will go as I am going to India for work.


Wow that is fab! Well done :-)


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