Couch to 5K

Knocked 11 minutes off my (slow) 6.38km today!

I am a very slow runner but I have been looking back at my runs for January. 07/01 ran 6.39km in 70 minutes. 14/01 ran 6.36km in 66.27 mins. 02/02 (today) ran 6.38km in 59.5 mins. YAY! Slow progress, but progress all the same!

Last time I was out the river Wharfe, which I have to cross, was covered with a very pretty but dastardly film of oily rainbows. It covered the surface for the whole width of the river and for as far as you could see. And the smell of Diesel was awful. I took a picture with my phone but I am having trouble getting it off to show you. Not good doing heavy breathing around there.

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Hi, at least you are doing good distances and improving your speed. I admire ou as I seem to be resolutely stuck at about 5k - still, even 6 months ago that would have been zero k:-)

I run near the Wharfe as well in Ulleskelf. Are you nearby Beek?


I am in Otley. I've just Google mapped you but I would say we are not nearby. Pity - it would be lovely to have someone near to swap notes! Did you see the river polluted?


Oh, no we're about 25 miles apart. I have always run alone and hoped it might mean I could occasionally have a running buddy. Never mind, we've a great virtual team through this site. I sometimes wonder when I'm out who else is also running at the same time.

I didn't see that the river was polluted. Maybe it had dispersed by the time it got to us. Enjoy your running. You probably have to contend with a few more hilly bits than me.


Yes, we will be virtual buddies!. I usually run first thing in the mornings. On a good day that would be about 8.30/9.00 but lately it's been nearer 10.30 before I get myself off. (Duvet too cosy= bone idleness!)

I go along up and down the river bank - to avoid the steep Chevin side! Although recently I have been tackling the lower gentle hills in order to improve. This running malarkey is the best thing I've done in ages!


11 minutes off your speed is absolutely fantastic! in less than a month too, keep on at that rate and you will soon be sub 50 minutes... then, who knows! Well done Beek.


Still miles off the 30 minute 5k. Still, possibility of plenty of PB's to come!


Well done you but those fumes sound awful :(


Firstly, well done. Secondly, speed ISN'T the important bit ~ distance is far more important.

If you keep seeing and smelling diesel, please report it.

Keep us posted on how you are getting on.


Hi Sallycycle. When I was crossing the bridge there was a Policeman talking with an Environment Agency man and looking at it so I presumed the necessary action would be taken. I would have reported it otherwise.

Now the running! I am trying to gradually push the distances further and I am really enjoying doing it. But I never feel 'in the zone' where I am totally immersed in it. I wonder - does that come with time? Sounds good!


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