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W1R3 - Disaster!!!

So Friday evening I did my W1R3 to disastrous consequences. the first 4 60 second runs went ok, infact the breathing inbetween recovered much quicker, however, run 5 I started to feel a slight twinge just below my left knee and made the fatal mistake of thinking I could ride it out. Unfortunately, the pain intensified to the point I had to stop and take all weight off the leg and slowly hop home....gutted!!

Over the weekend I've applied deepheat to the area and just tried to gently apply more and more weight on the leg. This morning I'm at the point where I can walk better, but the twinge is still there.

Tonight I'll be doing a 30 minute brisk walk, no running though. I'm just hoping to be able to start jogging again before the end of the week and then do the full Week 1 again next week....but I won't push it until I know my knee can withstand it.

The one saving grace is the diet is going well, plenty of root vegetables, soup and no rubbish junk food or sugar on cereal/coffee etc. Also, I've noticed I get filled up on less ( using a smaller dinner plate ).

Slightly annoyed but will persevere !!!

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I think you're supposed to do ice! I have one of those handy ice pack kits that you can put either in the microwave or the freezer. Keeping your leg up a bit each day and resting your knee would be recommended too. I wouldn't do too much on it at this stage to be honest. See how it goes and don't run if it hurts.



I hope it gets better soon. I know how disappointing it can be when your injured. I have cartilage trouble from a motorbike accident but didn't know until I got up to 8 miles after doing C25K. It took about 6 months. Then I had an operation (unrelated) and a week after I first started back (November) I badly twisted my ankle and irritated the ligaments. I have just finished week 2... Again. Take it easy and if you have time get it checked out just to be sure it nothing that needs some extra TLC.

Take care



How gutting for you but you are doing the right thing. The thing about this program it is not a race and slowly and steady wins the medals. Your right to listen to you body and show it some tlc. I hope it heals soon. Good luck.


Hi Darren

I completely agree with the others. After getting Achilles problems in week 8 I couldn't even walk without pain but I tried to keep going in the gym and after four weeks of cross training and cycling it was getting even worse. So, I finally decided to rest it completely and after a few weeks the swelling went down and I'm now pain free and I'm now back on the C25K programme. Tomorrow I'm hoping to finish my week 5, 20 minute run but I'm starting to listen to my body a bit more and if I get any pain I'll take it easier and maybe have a few rest days before going out again. As Realfoodieclub says, it's not a race, take it easy, I'm sure that we'll both get there in the end!

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Ugh, totally feel for you. I have suffered from knee issues for years and it was one of the things (along with laziness!) that stopped me from running before.

I know everyone is different but what i have found is that the way this programme works by building you and your muscles up gradually really works and its really important to take it slow, like you are doing and not push to the point of serious injury!

Also, I take codliver oil and glucosamine daily - great for joints.

Finally yoga is amazing to help build and strenthen muscle groups to help prevent injury - do a search of the forum and google and you'll find loads.

Best of luck!


It's so disappointing to be held back by an injury. But don't let it put you off, I do yoga, but also find the cool down stretches & knee exercises really helpful. I've also added stretches that I've found on-line to help with stretching the achilles, calves & prevent shin splints. I haven't tried it yet but the strength & flex programme looks good. If my own problem doesn't resolve soon tho' I'm going to go swimming, until I can run again :-)


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