Run for Mum Quest Week 4 - feel free to join

Welcome to the Run for Mum Quest week 4

Please feel free to join. Here is the original post that explains what it's all about.

All you have to do is reply to this post and ask for your name to be added.

Here we go into week four. I am not sure what it's been like for everybody but there definitely seems to be a feeling is spring has sprung and has lifted our spirits a bit. I love going out in the morning when the weather has been like it has.


































Good luck and happy running.

Rfc x

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  • Completed my three runs last week. Was very happy as I did one long one 3km, one speed and one interval walk run of 4km. I am going to try and up the distances a little this week. Also got the bike out. That was not so good. I managed 5km in 23 min so after calculating things with times for swimming,cycling and biking my first triathlon looks like it will take me 3.05 hours. That's a hell of a lot of energy I have to find. So one of my main goals has to be to reduce that time by august 31. Happy running to everyone.

  • This was another 2-run week. One speed podcast and one of almost half an hour. The gps on my phone was lying and endomondo told me at one point that I'd finished 5km in 23 minutes something. I knew that wasn't right, but somehow the amazing split times I was being given on the way round (all lies) made me run faster (but nowhere near as fast as endomondo thought I was) and I ran out of energy before completing 5 real km or half an hour. Note to self to just ignore such pronouncements/turn them off and just keep going!

    BTW you have my complete admiration for going for a triathlon. Finishing sounds like a major achievement in itself, but I'm sure you'll manage to get your time down if you manage to keep training and stay injury free.

  • Thanks, Don't you just hate it whe tech goes wrong. I feel like I've been cheated. Saying that I've have never been brave enough to go out with anything marking my run. I like the feeling of reading my stats. You could always count the runs a speed run and that way it was a fanatsic run.

  • Happy to say managed 3xruns and got PB at Parkrun --1min faster so well pleased Sneaked another extra run in this morning Practised the 5k route for part of edinburgh marathon weekend It's up steep hill so wanted to see if I could do it and also approx time before I entered .( I have only ever really run on flat before) I had to walk / run the first mile as it's very steep but did in just over 12 mins so pleased. Have decided to take the plunge and enter. Good luck to everyone for wk 4

  • Well done on the pb. Am I reading it right are you going for a marathon. How exciting. I must do more hill runs, I started then stopped. There supposed to be very good for training.

  • Omg No no no NOT marathon Rfc Having panic attack even thinking about that ! There are lots of different races in edinburgh same weekend as marathon and I am going to do 5k (maybe next year will aim for 10k )

  • Sorry didn't mean to panic you. It sounds nice that there are so many different races at the same time. The park run people sent me a message about a mile run same time as the london marathon. I think its nice that we can all have races to be part of that are achievable.

  • Couldn't agree more rfc

  • Well done Rona, that first bit is really off putting but you got there... and there are a lot of flat bits and down hills after that. Glad you have decided to just sign yourself up and go for it!

  • Thanks Beth are you thinking of doing any 5k races round Arthur seat this year

  • I think it would be great, might have a look and see what's doing and when. Just in from a 5k around the railway line/tramline etc. Am absolutely boiling... and it's only about 7 or 8 degrees! Sunny though :)

    Might have to wear shorts in the summer... which would be a huge huge thing for me!

  • Have managed three runs a week so far - one a Speed podcast,one usually to Stamina,with an extra 5 minutes or so tacked on to the end and my " 10% increase run" which got me up to 6.1 K last week.

    Good luck with the triathlon training Rfc. Happy running everyone .

  • Thank you. 6.1k that's a great distance. The increases seem to be working for you. I am doing stamina and speed now but my own version of them. I loved speed work makes me feel like a child.

  • A huge achievement for me - I ran 5k for the first time in months and months :) It wasn't fast, it wasn't pretty but I hung on in there grimly and made it, so I am very chuffed. All I need now is to do it again... and again! Running 5k was my goal for this Run for Mum Quest so I would like to do it at least once more before the end.

    Thanks again for organising this, RFC, it's a great way of breaking goals down into manageable chunks. I probably wouldn't have achieved this without this Quest and the previous ones :)

  • That's great news well done. It doesn't matter about the rest the fact is you did it, you have every right to be chuffed. I am sure it will be a bit easier next time.

  • That's wonderful Anniemurph, so glad it's all come together again!

  • I did 3 runs last week, One in Oban, one on the Isle of Coll and one back home in Edinburgh. My longest one was back in Edinburgh where I did 4.1 miles which is, I think 6.5 or 6.6 k. Longest run ever. Think the undulating road on Coll must have helped my stamina. Thinking a lot about my mum this week as it will be the first anniversary of her dying this weekend. It's really helping that I can run for her as part of this quest and with this lovely community. Thanks RfC, and glad you are doing so well yourself.

  • Your run sound so picturesque. I don't know the areas but the names bring out mystical pictures in my head. Well done in your new pb as well. I am sure your Mum would of been so proud of your achievements. Whatever you do this weekend are thoughts are with you.

  • Aww, thanks RfC x

  • I bet your mum would have been so proud of you :)

  • Yep, I think she would! Thanks.

  • I am envious of where you were running ! Used to holiday years ago in a tiny croft by Loch Etive at North Connel and we visited Oban frequently.

    Not sure I fancy the hilly running though....something you must do a fair bit of in Edinburgh !

    It's good that the running and this quest is helping you a little at this time....that first anniversary is a particularly difficult one to get through .

  • Thanks Carolecal, yes it's hard but the quest is def helping a wee bit.

    Have to say I had a sunny run in Oban but Coll was rainy and dreich, still glad to have been there and to have ran there though. I tend to avoid the hills here, didn't want to ut myself off too soon, but am gradually getting used to some undulations and coping, just.

  • I have only recently started the C25K programme. I'm 67 and haven't run for about 50 years so I'm not running all that far or fast but I'm trying. I'm aiming for the Race for Life next year (2015) in memory of my mum and too many friends who I have lost to cancer. It will be 20 years in December since I lost my mum at age 71 but she was still going hill walking until a month before she died. If she could do that, ill though she was, I can surely run 5k.

    I've just come in from a run and I'm getting better at it.


  • That's the thing about the quest it is not about speed or distance it is about getting out there and doing it. We are all working at different levels. I am sure you will ready for your race for life next year and do everybody proud. I glad your last run felt better. Happy running and welcome.

  • Hi Renka

    I am also 67 - and started running about 3 months ago - am just finishing week 5 of this programme this week. Take it easy!! No hurry to finish this - and no need to attempt to break any records :) I have NEVER been a runner - all my life running has defeated me -- but I am finding that this slow steady buildup is really good. I ran 3 lots of 5 minutes yesterday - unbelievable for me to run for 5 minutes much less 3 lots of them . I also have been completing 5K Parkruns using shorter intervals as used in the early parts of this programme.

  • Thanks Bazza - I'm not in any hurry, believe me. Dropping down because I've overdone things would kind of defeat the purpose :D This is why I'm aiming for the RFL in 2015 and not this year. When I do it, I won't be racing, I'll just be trying to finish in a respectable time and not be last.

    I was quite athletic when I was at school - hockey team, school athletic team etc - I skied, skated, played tennis and was a highland dancer. Up to my 40s I was hill walking but somehow I just got lazy so now I've taken myself in hand.

    I'm repeating the weeks as often as I necessary until I'm doing each week comfortably.

  • Not many runs but what there was was a good 'un - 5.8km (I think, the technology went rather wobbly on me) Whatstandwell to Ambergate and back on the Cromford Canal with the dog on the hands free lead. No water voles this time but lovely sunshine and views without being too hot.

  • I only managed two runs this week as was feeling quite tired. So I listened to my body and had a day off. But I did my new circular route and did 3.35 miles. It felt good and I thought I must have broken my PB but no. I was disappointed. But hey - there's always next time- :-D

  • I managed the three planned runs last week. I'm now introducing slight inclines as I had been a bit phobic. Just finished W8R2 today and everything is going to plan. I'm loving the change in weather, the bright sunshine just cheers the soul.

    Happy running to everyone.

  • I have been running every other day the last 3runs. I have one of W6 left. Last week I overdid it and walked for 9 miles the day after the 20 min run. I also went to dance class that evening. Couldn't do anything for 3 days I was aching so bad. I walked across 3 mountains (well hills, big ones). Now looking to get to the end of the program super fast!!!!

  • Not such a good week again last week. Had to cut down my distance & only managed two runs. However, I bought a foam roller (half price at SD) and I can feel the improvement in my knee already. Tanyag posted a link to Runners World website - knee injury- it was really helpful. So onwards & upwards but slowly.

  • Hi Julie , glad you are starting to feel some benefit from the foam roller .Two runs still good .....especially when you have a dodgy knee .

    Take care and happy running :)

  • Thanks Carol, to be honest I felt so silly when I thought I could increase speed & distance, I'm now being very careful. The roller made a difference after just two goes but it is excruciatingly painful, more so than the dodgy knee. Good to hear from you. Well done on your 6.1 . :)

  • Mustgetthin you are doing very well. Waletta enjoy that foam roller, everyone's talking about them here. Renka and Bazza1234 welcome.

  • Thanks Tinyrun, but I'm not sure enjoy is the right word. I thought I'd feel a sense of relief as I rolled. That comes when you stop. I think "foam" roller is misleading-it's as hard as rock & boy don't you feel it. Not quite mastered the sideways rolling for the IT band - I think I have wayward limbs but I'll get there & after just 2 rolling sessions it has made a difference.

  • Well at last I think I'm back on track (hope that's not going to jinx it!). The recent beautiful weather has worked wonders on the floodwater and I have managed to do my hoped for two runs per week in each of the last two weeks. Today I was able to run along the canal again for the first time this year. Trudging round and round the soggy cricket field in the meantime must have done something for me though as I recorded my fastest ever km and mile today, according to the Garmin. Still a lot of work to do, but it feels great to be moving in the right direction! Well done to everyone on your runs - doesn't this Spring-like weather make you want to get out there all the more?

  • Yes, it's nice to have it dry. I ran yesterday & it was quite cold here but I wondered how I ever managed to run in last year's heat. This fastest time well done. Canal running sounds interesting with plenty to distract you. I did notice yesterday that I ran better when I wasn't trying & when I stopped looking at my watch, thinking I'm never going to make it. Found a new BBC podcast "The Blame Game" - I do like to crack a smile every now & then when I run. It seems to make a big difference even if I do look a little deranged.

  • Hi everyone

    I managed my 3 runs last week. Encouraged by the mild, sunny weather, I even managed to run up my big hill, which was a big breakthrough for me. I now feel that I'm back to where I was before I injured my leg in January. I haven't felt this fit and healthy for nearly 40 years. All in all, I have plenty to smile about! (and if I knew how to add a smiley face, I would do).

  • Well done. Sounds as if you're really enjoying it . Try a : & a ) but right next to each other :)

  • a:&a)

  • No : ) but right next to each other.

  • I'll have to get my son to show me ..... and yes, I am enjoying it.

  • Ah hjs007. Try this using these but do them with no space in between : - )

    Run done. Felt good having the sun on my face.

  • Had a bad running week last week. I've increased my time to 33 minutes, which I managed on Tuesday, but on my Thursday run, I felt bloated and sick, and had to stop after 15 minutes, so was a bit fed up. After today though, I feel brilliant! I did the parkrun, only walked once (although it was at 3km, when I can normally run 4, but normally, the last kilometer is very much walk/run and today I ran the last 1.5) and got my best time ever I think. Just waiting eagerly for results. So definitely ended the week on a high.

  • I am overjoyed!!! My first parkrun had a time of 44:20 and today (admittedly 8 months later!) it is 36:51

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