Couch to 5K

Anyone else doing this without the podcasts?

I had serious bother downloading the podcasts and gave up! I just programmed the timings into my HIIT app and listen to my music - the app plays a sound when I need to change from walk to run. I also use a tracker app which records speed, distance, calories burned etc so I feel I have everything I need to complete my runs. Just wondered if I am missing anything. I struggle a bit with breathing and stitches and it looks as though Laura might give tips on this as well as helping with motivation in the podcasts. Is there anywhere I can get a transcipt to see what I am missing?

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I don't download and listen to nothing either. A transcript would be great to read what's being said.


Hi, don't worry you're not missing out too much, laura is great and there are a few comments along the way to give you encouragement but you can read the advice about breathing etc on the main C25K pages on this site and you can get all the encouragement you need from this forum so keep posting! I found it really helpful to listen to my own music. Having the prompts to change pace and turn around to head home are really useful, that's what i mainly needed Laura for, now i just map the distance i want to try to run in advance so i know when to turn round!


Me and technology are not good friends so I've done all of the programme without the downloads. Mind you I've done most of it in the gym and so it easy to see the timings. Not so easy when you're outdoors. Good luck


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