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Is anyone else having problems with the app and sound?


I've downloaded the app and have selected Jo Whiley as my trainer however when I listen to the training session all I get is the commentary - no music. As a work around I've downloaded the podcasts (which work well) however that means my runs aren't being recorded. Anyone got any ideas (I'm using my android phone)

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The podcasts are the most robust presentation of the programme and allow you to understand what many of us are on about. I've never, in nearly five years on here, heard anyone raise the runs not being recorded as an issue (although some people do use various apps in conjunction with the podcasts... although many of us would say that's best left till graduation)


(sorry for the silly question...)

But do you have music on your device? The app plays your own music. The podcasts have music built-in.

Gaffer in reply to Noclue

Brilliant question, no I don't have music so that makes sense now - thank you!

NoclueGraduate in reply to Gaffer

You are welcome.

Personally I feel the app needs a bit of work. For example, independent volume control. Currently, in-order to hear the instructions you have to have you volume up high, but this make the music far too loud!

If you can put up with the music then the podcasts are the way to go.

I used the podcasts, and, like many others in this forum, learned to love Laura (the voice on the podcasts). I also use Mapmyrun at the same time, which records my distance and pace and cuts in to tell me how far I've gone at various intervals. Sometimes it means that the app is talking over Laura, but mostly it's been fine. I'm on a very old iPhone (iPhone 4) but it's usually been ok.

Gaffer in reply to Razouski

Thank you - that's a good idea


I have the lovely Sanjeev Kholi. I gave up trying to listen to music through the same device (iPhone) and now play my own music on an iPod using one earphone and the instructions and support through another single earphone in the other ear. It's a bit of a faff but at least it doesn't stop halfway through.

Since the speaking is only intermittent and I don't have any of it crashingly loud, it feels quite safe as far as traffic etc is concerned.


I didn't use the app but I wasn't aware it recorded runs too. Is that correct?

I would suggest you try downloading the podcasts, also download MapmyRun or something similar to record your runs, track your distance etc, and enjoy 😃🏃🏼‍♀️


I'd recommend the podcasts - although a lot of people aren't keen on the music it's chosen for specific beats per minute to help with the running and walking sections. You 'll also get Laura's well timed encouragement (she'll become a good friend) and you'll get to meet Julie in Week 8. :)

There's a whole host of free running apps that will track your run. Or even better still, get a cheap gps running watch! I wouldn't be without mine now. :)

RainbowCGraduate in reply to melly4012

Lol, I like most of the cheesy music, but it's *never* the right bpm for me! :D Laura's encouragement is great though, so every time I start again I head straight for the podcasts :)

melly4012Graduate in reply to RainbowC

I love it too! Think we're the only ones. :) I never actually ran along to the beat but I suppose there's some science in it somehow. The stepping stones podcasts were too slow for me too, I think it's to do with my little legs! :D Every time I wanted to stop Laura always seemed to pipe up with some well-timed encouragement. She's a gem, that girl! :)

RainbowCGraduate in reply to melly4012

The C25k+ ones were ok for me, oddly. Just the main set where I so rarely run in time with it that it's a real shock any time I do!

davelinksGraduate in reply to melly4012

I didn't mind the podcast music either, it grew on me, main thing was doing the programme, I just got on with it..😊

MotwCoopGraduate in reply to melly4012

I'm just back from run 2 of week 3...I had Freddie Mercury singing "don't stop me now" with perfect timing! Pure but welcome coincidence...


I have found the app to be very frustrating. Half way through my runs the music stops. The podcasts for me are far better and Luara's encouragement is second to none. Like others, I use mapmyrun in conjunction with the podcasts to record the actual run.

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