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Is there a transcript of the podcasts anywhere?

I used the podcast for the first time (W2R1) today and found the music very irritating. My first time through the programme I used a stripped back app called Simple C25K, which just tells you to change pace with a bell, so I was able to listen to any podcast I fancied while running.

I was persuaded that I should use the NHS podcasts in order to get the training tips, but I'd really rather just read a transcript then run in my own way. I know, picky, picky.

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You can use the NHS app instead which is just one of a choice of four voices passing on the instructions and encouragement, it lets you provide your own music. It's not the most polished bit of software however...

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Thanks. I was looking for the little tips that are included in the podcasts, rather than the basic programme or general advice.


I think you may need the podcasts and Laura to get her pearls of wisdom..

Knuckle down to the music..its a rite of passage, and a good reason to make each run successful so you can move there is Julie to meet in Week 8 and 9.

We've all been there 😆😉xxx

Good luck and carry on it really is a great program that works.


You can't be a true c25k graduate without meeting "Julie" 😂😂


If you can already run continuously for 30 minutes, having done another programme, why bother?

If you are needing to get back to it for some reason, then maybe the podcasts do have something to offer you. Many of us (me included) find that a big part of what the podcast programme offers is, bluntly, teaching you to get over yourself. (And that always seems to be harder for those who can already run or are already pretty fit...)

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Sorry - I wasn't clear. I got to week 8 before Christmas, then had a knee injury, followed by an (unrelated) back problem, so I'm starting at the beginning again to make sure that knee and back are strong (having done a month of the NHS knee strengthening, and now doing the Adriene 31 day yoga revolution).

I'm sure you are right that the podcast is good for me. I think I will use it one day a week (except in transition weeks when I'll use all three) then listen to my own thing the other two days, with the tips in mind.


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