Anyone else doing this outside the UK?

Just finished Week 8 run 1 - didn't seem too much harder than week 7. I think the killer is in week 5! I'm still pretty slow but am encouraged by people's comments about this eventually changing. I've not lost weight but I have lost 1" from my waist - interesting! I'd really like to know if there are others outside the UK following these brilliant podcasts.


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  • There are others, it might be worth looking in the questions section as others have asked before as well as asking you're question there rather than in the blogs section as more people are likely to see it :-)

  • I can't say how many of us there are, but there is a sizable minority from all over the place. (That is just how awesome this program is!)

  • I'm a C25k podcast grad running in Caracas, Venezuela.

  • On week 6, running in Italy - the heat is amazing!

  • So I would imagine! I wonder how you manage...Here in Kenya it is winter and really quite cold, I shed garments as I run!

  • I am starting week 8 in Pennsylvania, United States. PA has been experiencing very high temps and a lot of humidity. Yuck. Today it is pouring rain but still humid. Yuck. Yuck. I love the program and I am so surprised I have gotten this far! I used to tell people the only way I would be a runner is if someone were chasing me- and they'd have to be pretty scary!

  • That's just where I am - week 8 ready for run 2. I was in PA in March , beautiful area with dogwood bushes and spring flowers. Can you run really early in the morning?

  • I have found running in the evening is better for my schedule. The weather had been humid from dawn to dusk so it is yucky no matter when I run. I figure if I can run now when the temps are horribly high I can manage it in a few months when the thermometer plummets. Thank you. PA is beautiful and hilly - I never knew how hilly until I started running. Week 8 run 2 is today!

  • I'm in NZ. It was bl**dy cold this morning when I went out, but I managed w7d1. Like you I haven't dropped weight but my belly is definitely smaller. Love this community, some great tips here:o)

  • I started week 8 today in Sacramento CA. Boy was I drenched by the end as well as huffin and puffing. Course the 100+ heat and all the wildfires around sure don't help. I love these podcasts and just found this community so I'm stoked!

  • Great! I've friends in CA and it has always been a temperate climate when I've been there. 100+ sounds awful - try a gym!

  • Hi! I'm in Victoria, British Columbia. We are experiencing rare, beautiful weather! By now in September, it is usually raining but instead we are still swimming and enjoying the sunshine and warm temps. I've not been looking forward to my first run in the rain, so this is great! I'm just about to start week 8.

  • Sounds great! Here in Nairobi the weather is pleasant most of the year - a bit hot to run in the middle of the day though. What will you do when it snows I wonder?!

  • Here in Victoria, we don't get much snow. Just a few inches once or twice a winter - sometimes none at all. Just lots of drizzle, cloudy skies and wind. I've often wondered what it would be like to live in a place where the weather is pleasant most of the year. Sounds lovely.

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