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Week 9 yeahhhh boyyyyyy


So I did my first 30 min run yesterday. For the first time it was indoors on a treadmill. It was really my only opportunity to get my run in, so I accepted the treadmill as a fair stand-in for the real thing. To my surprise, I liked it! It was much hotter and sweatier than outside but actually a little easier on my dodgy ankle as I didn't have to constantly worry about kerbs and uneven ground. I inclined the treadmill slightly as advised. I also watched a series on Netflix as I ran, which you can't do when you're outside. I think I'll mix it up a bit and do my runs both indoors and outdoors, just for a bit of variety.

I really enjoyed the exercise. I was smiling by the end. I can do 30 minutes with relative ease, I realise!

Also, without trying, and without changing what I eat, I seem to have lost 6 pounds since I started. I can walk up and down stairs with less pain. I can run for a bus without dying and get up off the floor from playing with my toddler with ease.

For anyone just starting out and feeling that this isn't going to work, or it'll be too hard: I am 44 years old and I have a desk job. I am 5'3'' tall and at the start of C25K I weighed 17 st 3 lbs. I have a busy life and four kids. This frickin plan works, I am telling you.

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Yeah, well done you!

Well done you!

It's great how this program seems to make such a positive change to people's lives


Yay!! Go you!! Week9 Wow! I can't wait to start W7 tomorrow - have had odd days where I've really had to push myself due to inner gremlins, but I think I'm addicted! Addicted to running?? It used to be chocolate!! What happened?? 😂

SqueakypoptestGraduate in reply to Flaraflarkin

I know! who'da thought it?!!!

Cracking stuff, well done you. Enjoy the bling, only 2 runs from graduation glory

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