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Does anyone else juffle?

I did my first run of week 4 this morning after deciding to get up and out at just after 8 am for my first morning run. I'd had a few glasses of vino last night but I managed the whole thing! The running was more of a jog/shuffle (juffle?) and my back and calves ached plenty but I DID IT!!!!! :) It was cold but the sun was shining and I didn't see a soul until I was almost home and saw some golfers enjoying the early morning sunshine.

I've been a bit knackered today so should sleep plenty tonight.

Good luck to all C25Kers!

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Well done, and as the sainted Laura says, a light jog is enough! (I took her very literally). ;-0


Well done you!! I'm not sure about juffling, but I wog often! My version of walk/jog. ;-) welcome to week 4! :-) Gayle


Haha - juffling, love it! Good on you for getting out there despite the after effects of the night before.


I love the terms juffle and wog ! :-)


Juffling - love it! That's definitely what I do! I'm going to use that to describe my style from now on.


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