Garmin Stats!

I hope this isn't seen as blowing my own trumpet at all, I realise there are people both faster and slower than me, but this is what my new Garmin watch told me today....

I ran 5k in 30:15 and burnt 290 cal. My total ascent was 138m and descent was 139m (I slightly overlapped the circuit). Average pace was 6:02 /km (don't understand that if anyone can explain), and average speed was 9.9km/h. Max speed was 12.2km/h (went a bit mad near the end to try to get the time I wanted!)

There were zones and stats for them but I didn't understand that so I'll have to look it up. I didn't wear the hrm this time, thought I would save it for next time.

I have to say I found it really encouraging to be wearing the watch, I could glance at it and see how fast I was going and it made the run easier somehow. I also think that's the best I've done on my regular route with the hills. It made me want to do well :-)

Happy running everyone!


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  • Well done, that's a great time. I read your post yesterday and immediately went on to Amazon and ordered one for myself! I've been thinking about it for ages and the reviews for this one look good so thought I should just treat myself.

    The average pace is telling you your time to complete a kilometre. So it takes you just over 6 minutes on average for 1km which matches with your 5km in just over 30 minutes.

    I love statistics so wearing a watch should encourage me to go out more. I've been using Runkeeper but it is a bit hit and miss whether it works or not and I can't look at it while I'm running.

  • Yes, exactly, I kept losing signal with runkeeper and it was really frustrating me!

    Oh! You're going to LOVE it if you like stats. I'm so pleased with it and I can really see how it's going to help me improve. It has a virtual running buddy and stuff too ..... but I had better not start and ruin the surprises. Have fun, let us know when it arrives and how you get on! :-)

  • I'm still toying with the idea of a Garmin, runkeeper does what I need it to but I love the idea of a watch that has it all, shame the watch doesn't do music ;) (a cheap mp3 and a garmin are probably a better idea than an iphone when it rains!) as for average pace, this is the time on average it takes you to run a set distance, in this case you ran a km in 6 mins 2 seconds on average, you can use this or the speed to monitor if your getting quicker since we don't always run the same route again and again and again. Happy running with your Garmin!

  • Thanks :-)

    I've got out of the habit of listening to music, but if I ever do again, I think my little iPod shuffle (ye old slim version) will be the way to go!

    I recommend the watch!

  • Good int it!

    I understand the calories lost too! Not so hot on the numbers mind you

    Get to grips with the virtual pacer as that's dead good!

  • Yay, stats. Love em :) Personally I don't see it as 'blowing your own trumpet', and even if you were it doesn't bother me. If you can't share your success and achievements on this forum then that would be a shame.

    Very impressive stats and 5K in 30.15 is a great time. Well done :)

  • Thanks Paul :-) Keep running - you must be nearly there now!

  • I am indeed, just graduated ;)

  • Eh! Look at your swanky badge! Congratulations. How did it go? I should see if you posted.....

  • Lol. Thank you. It went ok and yes, I've posted my report about Graduating and I see you've posted. Thank you ;)

  • Your pace (6:02, ie 6 mins 02 seconds per kilometre) is probably the most important of all your stats. As you progress you may wish to try running further and/or faster and for this you'll need to learn to run at different paces. For instance, to run futher, you will be running at anything up tp one minute per km slower, and to run faster, you will benefit from running short intervals, maybe 60 seconds, at a faster pace. There are various training pace calculators on the 'net, that can give you suggested paces for the three different speeds. Have fun with. the stats. Happy running.

  • Thanks, that's exactly the sort of stuff I want to know about. I'll look up the calculators. Thanks for the tip :-)

  • Great time and you can use the stats to work out where you can improve (if you want to). I now know, for example, that I'm faster at the start of my run than I am at the end... ideally, I need to swap that around. Also, as others have said, knowing your pace will allow you to train for speed and/or distance if that's what you want to do...

    I love my 620... Like a trainer in your wrist!

    Have fun!

  • Yes, I do want to improve! Who knew I even had a competitive streak and here I am racing myself?

    I want to be better, faster, fitter, I am becoming some sort of greedy running monster!!!

  • Don't get too greedy. This compression bandage on my knee sucks!

    have fun!

  • Brilliant time!!!!! I can only aim at and so you should be blowing your own trumpet with that achievement. I'm so pleased for you. I'm gona treat my self to new shoes this month and you never know I may even get the garmin next month. Please keep posting and telling us of your progress as it helps inspire others.

  • Ooh, nice! Post a pic of your trainers when you get them.

    Thanks :-)

  • I love my garmin, i find it really helps when im flagging as i quite like things in order so i think i will round off that distance to a say 2.25k then think again about stopping,then the time is out so i will then keep going to round that off to be on the minute or half, then look again at the km and so on! Last run was 4k which was 31.30 minutes which was doubly satisfying!

  • I like that idea, that's a great tip, I'll remember that and use it myself. Thanks :-)

  • That's a great time. I am glad people can share their experiences and runs it's what makes it so special. I like my garmin and as I don't have an iPhone or anything Similar it's great to see my run.

  • Thanks for your encouragement. Prior to this I was lugging my tablet around so a great improvement for me!!

  • My garmin was my best friend running, until its GPS went wayward (talking to garmin about it!), I found having the stats there in real time was a huge boost and gave me the kick up the bum when I was clearly slacking off! Brag away, they are brilliant stats! Well done :)

  • Thanks nextjenn. (I've given it a pet name!)

  • this has all been very interesting to read. I now understand what the pace means. It puts a whole new look to using this technology as i only ever looked at the distance i ran and the time it took now i have something to work for, increasing my pace which hopefully will improve my time and eventually my distance. Thanks folks from someone not really understanding all this new technology!!!! lol

  • You and me both! :-)

  • Fantastic stats I_will :) Very well done. My Garmin envy is reaching boiling point. Something's gonna blow and I think it's my bank account :D

  • Great news! Fire in the hoooooooole!!!!!

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