Couch to 5K


I'm a very lucky gal as my lovely husband treated me to a new Garmin forerunner for graduating from the C25K last Friday! Best pressie ever! Said he was a very proud husband!

I had been running around my village and really didnt have a scooby as to how far i was actually running. So went out intrigued yesterday with my new pink-striped gadget to find out how far I can run in 30 mins - I was absolutely tickled pink that I ran 5K in 32 mins 28 secs! Not sure if thats any good but it felt good - yippppeeeeee

I need another goal to work towards so have decided to spend another week or so trying to improve my 5K time, as Race for Life in 2 weeks and then will start training for 10K. Who'd have thought it - I'm a teeeny weeeny bit proud of myself and importantly am getting fitter (not losing much weight but certainly leaner i think!) and a postivie role model for my girlies who keep telling everyone that their mummy is a runner and 'really really fast' (big exageration there, but ooops keep forgetting to correct them on that point!)

I love reading all your posts as there is pure inspiration just flowing! Thank you....

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Well done and Congratulations! What a kind hubby you have too :) Your time is fantastic, much faster than me so you are very much on track. Good luck with the RFL. Mine is next week. :)


Excellent! You SHOULD feel proud of've accomplished so much!

Don't you just love the Garmin? I'm still "blown away" by all the info available from that little watch gadget....(especially now since I got mine running

Good running...10K and beyond...and enjoy!


This really is a time to be proud of: very well done!


What a fab blog! Really inspirational. I'm only on W4 but am 'in training' so I can actually run in R4L in July (my 5th year). I might leave my laptop open on your blog so my husband gets the hint about a Garmin...


Hi twinkle_toes well done thats a very good time I would say. Lovely hubby you have got too. If you go into ParkRun website and look at latest results tables that will give you a good idea on how good your time is. You have to take into consideration your age too but if you have a look down the listings and find same age group as yourself it will show you that you have done well.

Keep up the good work and most important of all enjoy it, cos thats what its all about. :)


You should be proud!! and what a lovely hubby you have... BTW, that time sounds fantastic to me :)


Argh....Thank you all for your lovely messages - love running, love my new garmin toy, and love my scrumptious husband = Happy days


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