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Garmin FR10 advice please


Please could you advise me re the Garmin Forerunner 10?

I'm not sure whether to go for the small or large watch?

Have read reviews saying the face on the small watches is not easily readable. How true is this?

I like the pretty colours of the small ones!

Any advice appreciated.


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I got the small one and it's fine to read. I think mine is the slightly newer 15 but was cheap on Amazon. I have only used it twice but love it to encourage me and great to plug in when you get home and see your route and results. If you can, get one. Black for me. Black and green was cheaper for some reason but then I am a bloke!


Thanks Peperami


I've got a lovely Forerunner 10 in girly Pink mp - no problems reading the face at all for me, they're a great piece of kit :-)


Great, thanks. I fancy the pink one!!


I got mine just last week, and totally love it! It's the smaller pretty one in lilac. I posted all about it here!

I need +2.5 reading specs, but I was pleasantly surprised to find I can read my watch outside without them. Ok, it's a little blurry but really ok. I can't see it quite so well indoors, but I can't read anything indoors without my bins. There is a backlight too which would probably help. Why not find a sport shop that sells them and have a look, then buy one cheaply on the web?


Thanks Curly.


I have the small lilac one and also have no problems reading it. I have quite skinny little wrists and so find even this 'small' version of the watch is rather large.


In my opinion, it is to small to see while running, if you are happy to stop and look now and again its fine. But I'm biased.


I'm the same as you Hussain and I can't see it very well. If you set the virtual pacer it will beep at you if you're going too slow. I can just about make out the time and distance if I try hard to focus but it's not easy while on the run. The numbers could be bigger as the screen's big enough, loads of wasted space round the text.

Love the watch though. I have a pink un


I have the light green one with fairly large wrist, it does fit and is easy to read, except the history! If your wrist is large the strap is not the most generous, but love the watch!


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