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Should I jog today?

Working from home today which means I could go for a jog.

But I am suffering from mild shin splints and yesterday was my last jog.

The weather is bright and I am desperate to get out in it but am wondering whether I should be sensible.

Fitting in time to jog this week is going to be tough as I won't be home before 7 any day (& am up at 6 as it is as road works means I need an extra 30 mins to travel in) and need to cook. I hate eat in after 7.30 as I just feel ill if I do.

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Rest days are there for a reason, and if you have a niggle then I wouldn't risk it. Give your body a rest and time to recover - but you could go out for a (brisk) walk and enjoy the sunshine.


I agree with the previous post. Take a rest from running today, especially if you have shin splints, but maybe take a walk to enjoy the sunshine instead. Any exercise is a bonus for your health. :-)


Don't ignore the niggles , I did have been out of action for 3 wks & god knows how much longer . There's no rush .


Agree with all of the above. Rest days are important.

I adopt the mantra "Aches are Acceptable, Pain is Prohibiting". So if that shin splint is hurting, rest it. Two or three days rest now will pay dividends in the long run.

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Having listen to your sage advise I went for a long all through some local woods. I walked for an hour or so and it was quite muddy so I feel I did some good exercise and will see how I go later in the week with the shin splints.

I am so damn close to graduating that I want to get that done but if I have to wait a week or so more then so be it.

I was sensible and it was all thanks to you


I agree with the advice given, but can see why you are tempted on such a glorious day.


I read somewhere that doing "toe raises" are good for shin splints. I did them for my dodgy ankle too. A day off will rest those shins Eustac


I went for a walk in the woods today too, first time in months. It was certainly muddy and slippy (almost went flying a few times) but me and the dog loved it. :-)


Have some rest today! I would advise you not to run when it hurts! Pay attention to how your shins feel and when you can sense pain, stop running and go home. Eventually your shins will get stronger and you will be able to run as long as you would like. When your shins need rest, try another activity like biking or swimming. That way you can still stay in shape while not hurting your shins. Also, make yourself a hot bath with a little bit of Epsom salt in it, afterwards ice for 20 mins. I hope that helped!

See link for more info about how to treat Shin Splints:


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