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Wk7 R2 Accidental Cliff Path Run

So I usually get a bit annoyed when I can't run every other day but now I am in the later stages I am a bit more relaxed about it. I think this is a combination of not being in so much of a rush to complete c25k because the end is in sight and I realise that this programme is just one stage on a longer journey so I just focus on enjoying it. also I think that my body prefers a longer rest after the 25 min runs.

Anyway what I thought was going to be a miserable run when the warm up walk didn't even go to plan and I felt cold and uncomfortable and couldn't see a good route to run it turned out to be the best. I got naturally into the run straight away without even thinking about it. It had some really steep parts by the light house but I didn't mind walking a bit where necessary. I really dont want to run he pavement ever again. Trail running is a natural as it gets and is the best feeling :)

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I love it too! Mind you I can't afford the gym so it sort of goes with the territory. I can't imagine running on a treadmill! I have done some road running but I don't like interaction with traffic and waiting for the crossing to beep!

It's great to be out in the wide blue yonder, looking for newer and longer routes. Take care on the hills. If you come to a very steep bank just walk up it! I attempted a bank and was injured and out for 3 weeks.


Agreed misswobble! Did walk some of the hills but not much, hope you're fully mended now :) Unfortunately have to run on the pavements during the week but at least trails are something I can look forward to until my first park run!


I did W6R3 on the treadmill, W7R1 round and round and round and round the local cricket/football pitch - you've inspired me to go somewhere more interesting tomorrow for W7R2 - was thinking about it anyway, but you've convinced me... I love the trails too! :D

In fact, I've got just the place in mind... ;)


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