WK7 R2 Done - Change of route helped

Well completed Wk7 R2 in 24 degs of beautiful english sunshine but boy oh boy it was hard (and sweaty) !!

I did change my route this time though as advised by Laura and it made a lot of difference. The slopes I ran down before were now little hills BUT the hills became slopes this time so it made a great change.

Had to really grit my teeth in the first 5 minutes where everything in my body shouts "urggh you're not gonna do it - This hurts -Just stop!" but I really try hard to not listen and just crack on (knowing that i have got through it before helps). Once I get through that I usually get a wobble just before half way when I am BEGGING Laura to chip in and confirm only 12.5 minutes to go :-)

After that I am so determined NOT to stop and ruin the good 12.5 mins I have out in so it kinda carries me through. Even if I sometimes have to drop the pace) It really isn't easy but its sooo worth it when you can finally stop having completed the full 25 mins. Still like most things its not worth having if its easy to achieve is it??.

I'm determined to complete this programme and graduate and really love this forum as its so positive! My routine is always to log on about half an hour before I run to read everyone's inspirational words as it spurs me on tokeep going and join you all on this running journey we call C25K..

All the best to everyone and onwards to WK7 R3 - Whoop!! .xx


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9 Replies

  • Well done and well done for sticking in there when it would have been easier to listen to the negative gremlins in your head :) Week 7 almost complete.......onwards and upwards :)

  • Aww, Thanks Paul - yep onwards. Its gonna be a hot one again tomorrow but looking forward to it (kind of!!). All the best with your run too! xx

  • Thanks ;)

  • I have been running nearly a year and those little b*****s in my head are still at work. On my 10k today, it would have been so much easier to stop at 8k than it was to carry on, but one thing that running teaches you is bloody minded determination, so I pushed on and got a 10k PB.

    Well done you for ignoring them and keep pushing. You are nearly there and it is worth all the hard work. Good luck.

  • Thanks so much - yeah gremlins are a menace!! Where do they come from?? You are right in that running to this plan really does make you grit your teeth with determination though. Its one of the biggest thigns I am learning about it and am quite surprised that I have succeeded so far as I really am not a natural runner. I'm loving it so that's enough to get me thorough at the mo. Good effort for doing 10K!!! Green with envy here but maybe I'll get there too one day. All the best and thanks for your reply xxx

  • Congrats iannoda on your PB and it just goes to show that if you do/can push on then rewards/goals can be achieved :)

  • Lol. Where do the gremlins come from? Hmm, if only we knew ;)

  • Pesky gremlins! It's sort of good to know that everyone gets them really and part of the challenge is to send them on their way! If I thought it was just me they waited for I'd maybe wonder if running was for me! I've just completed week 6 so have week 7 in front on me. A new phase in the running challenge of longer runs! Starting to feel real now :-) Good luck and happy running xx

  • Well done! Changing route is great to get a new angle on things. Hills do become slopes - once you get the first ones under your belt they don't seem as scary the following times, then you'll start wondering what all the fuss was about (I'm not there yet, but hey ho, one day).

    I recognize that half-way point you talk about - for me it's when I see the home stretch on my run. The gremlins are and will always be there - I think it's simply the body reminding you that you shouldn't be wasting your precious energy reserves to run around unless you are being chased by a T-Rex, as it is programmed to store energy and guard it carefully so it has enough to feed you in the event of a mammoth shortage. Instinct is fascinating because it often goes against good sense - it's the same thing that makes you leap on a packet of Hobnobs.

    Anyway. Philosophical five minutes over. Onwards and forwards, Looshooz, to graduation and beyooooond!

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